To Retire… Or Not To Retire?

I retired at 58, moved to another state, and got bored after six months. So, I went back to work for 6 years, then retired again. Now I fill my time with volunteering, activities with friends, and genealogy as a hobby.”
Mona Sarratt Knight
I wanted to retire at 62, but my health had other plans. At the age of 57, I was forced to leave the job I loved.”
Jodi Smith Rasar

I retired three years ago and have enjoyed every minute. My husband did 11 years ago!”
Glenna Joyce Christ
I think it will be 70, going back to school for nursing at 59.”
Mary Anne Cottignies

I retired at 56 as per the plan. Woohoo.”
Bonnie Bell
When I can’t work any more”
Joe Catton (a fireman)

Now- please…just need some money!!”
Suki Chambers
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