Where In The World Would YOU Move?

We received over 400 comments when we asked you this question on our Facebook page:

If you could pick up and move anywhere in the world tomorrow, where would you go?

We’ve chosen some of our favorites to share here.

“I’d probably remain right where I am (Billings, MT). After all, home IS where the heart is. All of the pieces that make up my heart live in this area. Why would I leave?”

Paulette Greyn

“To a very desolate farm house on the river or lake. Very rustic with a fireplace for heat. Raise chickens, fruit, vegetables and herbs!”

Connie Sorrells Banks

“I love my native West Virginia, but, if I had to pack up, I am off to the historic and charmingly beguiling town of Salem MA (Witch City).”

Sheila Ross Kuh

“Molokai (HI) and would buy enough property to help children in the system or to help the homeless.”

Vivian Valenzuela

“Right here in Florida, but I’d love to own a big house by the beach. Better yet, have a private area so my family could have their own houses close by. That would be a dream come true.”

Leonor Rivera

beach house

The West Coast (California, Oregon, Washington, BC) or the UK, Ireland or Germany or the Netherlands. I hate the heat of Texas (and the snakes and insects!)”

Ilona Yaeger

“To a beautiful cottage on a stream in Ireland.”

Lori Galoppa Roady

“I say it all the time, ‘When I retire I’m moving to Belize!’”

Patty Deak

“The beautiful Smoky Mountains is where my heart wants to go.”

Carolyn Osborne


“Tuscany Italy … I LOVE it there!!!”

Susan Jordan Furner

“Alaska! Off the grid”

Kimberly Whitman

Inline image 1

“Wherever the people I love are.”

Ann Nielsen

“To a warm secret place with a secret person, and the phones would be thrown away. And since you didn’t have the address you couldn’t write….and I would be happy.”

Sandra Robinson


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