Which Sunglasses Look Best On Me?

I’ve never owed prescription sunglasses that gave me a clear view of the world. But Gregor, at Anne Et Valentin, in New York, reassured me that the lenses he was recommending would provide the clarity I wanted.

“You’ve probably been getting polarized lenses, which work best if you’re often around the water, which reflects a great deal of sunlight,” Gregor explained. I am not a beach or fishing person, so he said that I wouldn’t need them.

Now for the frames: I tried on about 20 styles, some which came in multiple colors. I’d love you to help me decide which pair I should choose. Note: I’m not wearing a stitch of makeup, but try to get beyond that when you make your choice.

Which sunglasses should I choose?

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0 Responses to “Which Sunglasses Look Best On Me?”

  1. elisabetta says:

    I vote that you first remove the purple bow from your hair and then try on some more frames that don’t make it seem like you’re crying out “see, I’m eccentric and funky!”. In other words, go for more understated. Let your personality work for itself. I would love to see photos of you with some other styles, sans bow. There is a fine line between “fun” and “funhouse”. Thank you.

  2. Bessheit says:

    I voted for the purple peepers -a) love the color b) they flatter the shape of your face and c) they make a statement without being too ungapatchkaed. Chacun a son gout and this is mine.

    • elisabetta says:

      Ok, you lost me at “ungapatchkaed”. Do you mean “cabbage patch kid”? Sorry about your son’s gout.


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