Wish I Was There

If you could witness any event–past, present or future–
what would it be?

Finding the cure for cancer.”
Pam Lurgio- Sarpalius

To be at my 10-year old granddaughter’s high school graduation. I am 66 years. Had a liver transplant on 2/18/18 and was discharged one week/three days latter and am doing very well. My second chance of life and I am so grateful and thankful.”
Deborah Wyrick Johnson

The day in the fall of 1945, when Lord Louis Mountbatten came into our prisoner of war internment camp and we were were told the war was over…and we were FREE after three and a half years of captivity!”
Vilma Howe

My parents wedding.”
Lisa Kennedy  

To have all my kids back together on speaking terms again. It’s been way too long.”
Suzanne Stocker

Any Bruce Springsteen concert.”
Sue Brighton

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  1. Bessheit says:

    If the planet isn’t destroyed, my greatest wish would be to find other life forms on other solar systems (which I KNOW there are) and even travel to them. Sounds like science fiction, but I believe this so much. Every day life gets worse when there are so many wonders we could be exploring. High hopes for Elon Musk.
    Bess Heitner


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