Win A Year of Reading Glasses!

We seem to lose our reading glasses more often than we misplace our phone and keys. But now that our friends at have created a spectacular line of stylish readers, we’ll love them too much to lose them!

If you’re the lucky FOF who wins this cool contest, you’ll get a new pair of glasses from every single month for a full year, a $200 value. You’ll also get to pick your favorite styles and colors, from cat’s eyes to wayfarer, green tortoise to metallic red.

Your focus will be sharper. And so will you.

To enter to win,

comment below by answering the question:

How many pairs of reading glasses do
you currently own

P.S. Good luck with the contest. But if you want to own a pair of readers right away, enter code FOF2014 at checkout for a special 10% off your order. Shop now.

1 FOF will win. (See official rules, here.) Contest closes February 28, 2014 at midnight E.S.T. Contest limited to residents of the continental U.S.

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  • Mary Hynes

    I had 3 but lost 2 so now I only have one pair of readers.

  • Holly Haynes-Clark

    I need some, but don’t own any.

  • Karen Kajiwara-Nelson

    I own 6 pairs of reading glasses of different strengths.

  • MaryMates

    To many to count, have them all over the house & in auto too.

  • margaret grinde

    I need reading glasses but i dont know what strength

  • Clairede Dirval

    I have seven pair, scattered all over the house where I may need them. By the phone, the tv remotes, every computer, bedside table, reading chair, sewing machine. Id be running around like crazy trying to read squinty eyed without them in the area needed. I have 7 dogs as well, they steal my glasses from time to time… so yes I could use some more just for that reason alone!

  • Ty Beard

    I own 4 readers; office, home, car, and a spare!

  • Christine

    I have 2

  • wai man

    own no glass , entry for glasses plx.

  • I love fab over fifty but I never win anything?? whats up with that?

  • Judy Frederick

    I have 2


    have progressives, but use reading glasses as well, just one

  • DLori27

    I own 2 pair of glasses but it’s never enough. I’m either misplacing them permanently, sitting on them accidentally and breaking them, just plain losing them, dropping and breaking them. I’ve always had excellent vision but as I’m getting older, it’s becoming harder to read without them so I’m spending a fortune on replacement glasses all the time. Winning glasses for a year would be a great treat. Thank you for doing another very generous giveaway. Good luck to all

    kleimanlaw at aol dot com

  • Carol C

    Just 1 reading but 1 for distance and 1 pair of sunglasses too.

  • mark hibbing

    3 glasses and 1 sun glasss

  • richelle bowers

    I only own 1 pair

  • Kristi C

    I have two pair right now.

  • Beverly Metcalf

    I have a couple pair of reading glasses. I keep one at home and one in my handbag. I need a new pair though. Thanks.

  • At last count, I own 4+ pairs of readers, all last seen in the vicinity of our bed and all are still missing. While I’m being honest, may as well confess that I dug a pair out of the trash so I could see to enter your contest. Hubby’s gone to the dollar store for yet another replacement, bless him. I can’t wait to tell him about your contest!
    PS: Love your store!

  • Karen Drake

    I just have one pair that I use for reading.

  • Larisa K

    Four. One – home, one – at work, one – in my purse and one in my desk at home as a spare, because I always loosing one or two at the time.

  • Linda

    probably 6-8 pairs stashed everywhere

  • Donna Doyle

    About a dozen pairs of reading glasses

  • pamela hostutler

    maybe 5 pairs

  • Ruth Bousquet

    I have two pairs…one at the computer and one in the kitchen to see the itsy bitty ingredients on food labels and for recipes.

  • Rebekah

    I own one pair of reading glasses. I just lost my favorite pair.

  • Vikki Billings

    I only have two pair right now but I need some more!

  • Roxann

    I don’t have any but I really need some.

  • Melissa D

    I’m on my very first pair. I’m not happy about it, but at least there are really cute frames to make needing them a little less painful!

  • I had to buy 7, one in every room in the house and 2 in my purse, lol

  • kathleen camarillo

    I have a pair in each room, the car and 2 in my purse sooo about 8. Now whether I can find one at any given time is another story altogether lol!

  • eddi b.

    i have 2 pairs right now

  • Joanne

    Only 2 at the moment, but am in the process of having cataracts removed (1 is done), so will probably be needing new ones.


    Hard one….How many can I find or how many all together? I would guess 15. Oh wait……there is a pair on top of my head……make that 16 and counting!

  • Peggy Rydzewski

    I have several pairs. one for each room in the house. Three pair at work. Two pair in the car and one in my purse.

  • I only have one extra pair for reading the computer screen – help!

  • Marsha Crain

    I just got my prescription changed so now only have 2 pair–need more. I had a pair of polka dot ones before that I loved and can’t find one like it. My son made fun of me–but I felt happy in them.




    I have several but would love some more stylish

  • John Denaro

    I own no glasses

  • JoAnn McCready

    Pretty cool!

  • pretty

  • Pat Taylor

    5 pair

  • Alda Cummings

    I own 3 pairs of reading glasses, but would love more !

  • Elizabeth K

    I just misplaced my 4th pair in abut a year

  • pamela powell

    i don’t have any reading glasses

  • L Rose

    One upstairs, one downstairs by the computer, one in the kitchen and one in my purse

  • Cynthia

    I would love to win glasses for a year. I only have one pair and I need new ones.

  • Alix

    Oops! I own 3- one in my bedroom, one in the car and last one in my purse. Might get one for the kitchen, though it’s expensive.

  • Alix

    I own

  • kim mignella

    3,one in the car, one in my purse and one in the bedroom

  • sandy haber

    Currently I own 3 pairs, all prescription. My eye dr says I could get away with OTC glasses — but then I’d probably need at least a dozen pairs!

  • janice young

    I have 1 pair that are falling apart for the longest time,too much glue and do not sit right on my face REALLY could use a new pair or two

  • Megan Sterner

    I have one, but unfortunately, I broke the stem so I am in need of a new pair!

  • Mary Hall

    I have 3 pair of no-line bifocals but nothing just for reading.

  • I own 1 pair of reading glasses.

  • Lisa Cloutet

    I have one pair! I can’t seem to find a pair that are comfortable!

  • Amanda Creen

    6 one in every room!

  • fran

    3- one I wear all the time, one for only the computer and one sunglass Rx

  • lisa lakatos

    I have three pair. Two are broken and one I can never find!

  • I own at any one ti e at least 5 pair of readers in t250, in solid colors , polka dot, leather, prints of all kinds. I keep in purse, truck, car, office and of course the kitchen!! This would be a dream come true for me since I hunt and searchffor the cutest ever, , wearing bla ck with fahe diamonds now♥

  • Shari Roe

    I have a pair in every room of the house (three in the master bedroom) and a pair in my garage, car, purse, and at Mom’s house. (Can you tell I dislike wearing my prescription glasses?) Oh, and I have several spare pairs stored away. All cheapie dollar store ones, hence the spares stored away.

  • Diane Giorgio

    I own at least 6 pairs, one in every room of the house for easy grabbing whenever necessary.

  • Donna McBride

    I have a couple of the cheap $7 dollar ones and would absolutely appreciate having some really nice ones with good lens.

  • Sheila Chaffins


  • Yah!!

  • jhendon60

    I have 5, I think. Lots of cheapies, that I often misplace. One nice pair that, when I can’t find them, I panic.

  • bobbye

    I currently have approximately 6 pairs. I just recently got 2 name brand pair @ the dollar store!

  • debra

    sadly only one!

  • I only own 2 pairs of reading glasses. One fold-up in my purse and one in the living room. They both only cost a dollar and are falling apart! I could really use these!

  • Lynn Dobriko

    I own about six pairs, scattered all over the house and in the car.

  • I own at least 6 pairs for every room in my house. Of course they are all fun prints with cases.

  • one at work, one in my purse, and about five pair somewhere in the house 😉

  • I have numerous pairs of glasses, 2 work, 3@ home and one in our vacation home 🙂

  • I must own 20 pairs of reading glasses. I keep them in every room of the house, the car, the all the pretty frames!

  • Leslie


  • Barbie

    Sadly, only one pair.

  • Tamara L Myers

    I have a pair that I’ve had for about 2 years. I also have 2 older pair which are about 8 years and 13 years old. I don’t have any vision insurance and am retired, living on a fixed income. Frames and lenses are expensive ! Especially when you wear bifocals ! Sure would be great to win this

  • Lise

    2 pairs but one is obsolete!

  • tfabglam5

    I currently own about 6 pairs of reading glasses. I am always misplacing them or breaking them, and I cannot be without them for being able to see anything close-up. I love designer-inspired reading glasses in funky colors and cool designs. These glasses all look very chic.

  • I own about 12 pairs, including some I’ve ‘outgrown’.

  • CrystalGB

    1 pair for me. 🙂


    I only have one and they are 8 years old. I saw the eye doctor and I have a prescription.. but I can not afford new glasses

  • Andrea Wolff

    There is at least one pair of “cheaters” in every room, including the kitchen!

  • Jan Kolodge

    I have at least 10 pairs of reading glasses.
    I place them all around the house and at work. Even have a pair in the shower!

  • Betty Shoemaker

    I do not own any reading glasses I do wear prescription glasses


    I have so many I cannot count but they are always lost

  • Robin Carson

    I recently had corrective eye surgery but still need readers for close up work. So I have a pair in every room in the house and three at work. I love to wear “eye catching” different styles.

  • jodi kozloff

    only 1 unfortunately

  • Erica C.

    Just one pair.

  • wai man


  • Ros Irwin

    3 pairs

  • Craig Clarkson

    I have 2 sets of reading glasses. But I can only find one.
    The other one is hiding.

  • sagir khan

    I have at least 7 pairs…purse, car work, & every room in my house!

  • Kai W.

    I own at least 5 pairs of reading glasses.

  • Katherine Lesiak

    I cuttently own 2 pairs. One for the office and one for my pocketbook.

  • I only have 1 pair…………thank you for this opportunity!!

  • Gwendolyn Garrett

    8 pair!!

  • Christine Norman

    I am also nearsighted and wear no reading glasses, but my husband has several pairs and a win would be for him.

  • caryn eschen


  • Bonnie F.

    Oh, three or four.

  • Pamela Dickson

    Currently, I have 3 pair of reading glasses.



  • Michaella hebert

    I have five reading glasses but i still misplace them lol

  • cynthia weaver

    I purchased my first pair of readers several months ago. They were LONG overdue.

  • I have about 12 – 14 pairs of reading glasses. I keep them everywhere I think I might need them!

  • Janen

    I own 3 pairs.

  • Carole Cusa

    I own 12 pairs. All different colors & strengths.

  • Donna schechter

    I own 9 pair

  • Rose Holloway

    3 🙂

  • JAN levy

    I really need to get new glasses, which means having only one pair. Winning would save me money and give me so much more.

  • Julia Eddy

    Probably a dozen, including one on a chain around my neck!

  • Diane Cooper

    I currently have two pair of reading glasses.

  • Carol

    Right now I have 3 or 4 pairs. The original thought was to keep them in different locations/bags, but that isn’t working. One always seems to be the favored pair and then the others don’t seem to work as well! Or, look as good – and certainly not as good as these will!

  • Linda Conrath

    At least a half dozen, of varying strengths

  • Deb

    I have no idea. They are all over the house.

  • candace


  • Donna C

    None because I am far sighted.

  • I have at least 15 pair of reading glasses, and can never seem to find when I need them.

  • deb stoyek

    1 at the computer, 1 in the car, 1 at work

  • Frances Thompson

    Currently have 3 pair, one of which I share with my 90yo dad!
    I think it is time to “move up”

  • Laura Borud

    Currently 5 pair, I’d worn glasses since age 9, had surgery to correct my vision for my 50th birthday and have been wearing the wildest, cheapest reading glasses I can find. Would be nice to wear a nice pair for a change!

  • micabrown

    i OWN only 1 pr and keep them in my desk drawer at home. I really need some for work but keep forgetting to buy them. I am mobile at work, going to different campuses, so I afraid I will lose them. I really need several pair. This looks like a good opportunity!!!

  • I have about 5 pairs.

  • My day hasn’t come yet! lol…. I’m sure it may come to a point when i will be in the club! 🙂

  • I have 2 pairs in the den, 2 pairs in the bathroom, 1 pair in the bedroom, 2 pairs in the computer room and some of them are broken. I need some desperately

  • Barbara Kesterson

    I currently have four pairs, all purchased at a local dollar store.

  • Irlene

    4 pair. I have a pair in the bedroom, living room, my purse and one I wear most of the time.

  • Sherry K

    Just have the one I am wearing and one extra. – not fancy, either.

  • debbie gilley

    Right now I have 5 pairs, one for every room that I need them. (I just have to remember to take them off when I leave the room)

  • Paula Profeta

    6 pairs of readers.

  • I currently have two pair.

  • Dorothy Campbell

    two pairs in the bedroom, one in the kitchen and one in the car!

  • Gail

    I have 3 in my bag, 1 in the kitchen, 1 at work. From +125 to +150. None have cases either and I wear contacts!

  • Katie

    I own four pairs!

  • gmc

    I own at least 5–some are not quite intact–missing a nose pad or such. I love to keep a pair in lots of different places so I can grab one whenever needed.

  • Ann Stewart

    I have many pair of reading glasses. Pretty much a pair in each room and car!

  • I have 4 in my bedroom, 2pairs in my backpack, an extra set in the car, and psirs at work plus always a pair on top of my head! Always!!!

  • Berti

    I own six pair of reading glasses and they always seem to someplace other than where I am!

  • Mamavalveeta03

    One in every room, bag, work, car, etc…But they’re ALL different!

  • Nancy Gordon

    I have at least 10 pairs – in all different colors and strengths. A girl can never have too many pairs of glasses.

  • carrie obrien

    3 pair

  • I have 2 pairs of glasses one for work and play.

  • Vickie Schlicher

    I have two pairs

  • Ann Muth


  • Sharon Siqueiros

    I have 2 pairs (they’re kindof cheap & ugly hehehe)

    • Sharon Siqueiros

      oops, please delete this, I already entered

  • Diana


  • rae

    I have 3 but always need more.

  • Sandra Warren

    I have 2 pairs of reading glasses but need more. These are simply gorgeous.

  • I have 3 pairs. One cheap pair from docs office and 2 blue pair from the drugstore :0/

  • Ida Khodorkovskaya

    I would love to win even just one of those beautiful glasses. I got 5 of them: one in my bag, one in my desk at work, one next to TV and couch at home, one in my car and one in my home desk. Plus I am losing them from time to time and need to replace with new ones.

  • Soledad

    I do not wear reading glasses; I have prescription glasses. However, I wouldn’t mind winning these. I’ve been curious about trying reading glasses since they cost so much less than Rx.

  • I own 4 pair of reading glasses.

  • I have five pair of reading glasses but I just bought 2 more yesterday BOGO because turnng 60, I needed the next size up!

  • Mary Grace Gallagher


  • I have about 12 pair . They are in every room in my house and at work. I can not read any thing without them.

  • Kyaw Sein

    I have 4 pairs of reading glasses.

  • Susan Mason

    I had about 7 pairs, but my hubby uses them – and loses them constantly. We are down to 2 pairs 🙁

  • Robert Curtis

    i have 1 pair of glasses cant read without them.

  • Nancy Sinatra

    I’m up to 7!

  • Natalie

    I match them to the book I am reading at the time– a drama, an adventure, a travel log, a romance, a French cookbook- oh la la(!), an economic review (just joking…)- I imagine the fun if I win— I will match the book to my new pair of glasses every month!

  • Karin Amour

    My readers are built into my progressives but I would love to have separate readers if they are made strong enough! In total I have two pair of progressives, regular and sunglasses.

  • Carolann Westbrook

    I have three pair.

  • Ramona

    I currently am down to 1 pair right now…

  • Basya S

    I own 5 or 7 pair and I do loose them a lot, specially at work. I am a teacher and going from class to class I sometimes leave my pair behind.

  • Angela S

    Oh my! Two right now! One for work, and one for home. But I lose the ones at home all the time! Sewing room, kitchen, computer, bathroom.

  • Bradley Houze

    10 pair at least

  • Ann Spence

    I have them everywhere,, losing them all the time so this would be wonderful.

  • Barbara Aiken

    Thanks for such a cool contest!!!

  • jennifer

    I only own one pair of reading glasses and I lose them all the time!

  • Darlene Wright


  • jill sokol

    Just in time.I need a new number 2.75! Love to try this brand.

  • I own at east 7 pairs. I am a performer, and I love making a fashion statement with my readers. I am always looking for the funkiest ones that I am able to find. It is so very groovy to me, when I look so fashion forward. It also makes me smile when the young people think that I am COOL!

  • None

  • MARY



    I have about 6 pairs of reading glasses (yes, that means 12!). I lose them all the time, and I need them (ugh) to read! The only pair I haven’t lost is the one that is combined with my distance vision glasses!

  • LOL, really. Let’s count – 1- purse, 2 – downstairs, 3 – upstairs, 4 – work, 5 – my car, 6 – his truck. Oh let me not forget the ones that I have in my 7 – sewing kit…

  • I own about 10 pair – one for the car, one for the kitchen, one for the office, one for the handbag, one for the backpack, one in the bedroom, one in the bathroom…and a couple different designs to match my outfits!

  • Gladys Wyas


  • Martha B

    3 & 2 last resort pr. that have shattered areas.

  • Deb

    I have one and I keep a couple extra on hand for company…just in case they left theirs at home.

  • Sharon Sorensen

    I have a pair in a drawer, in every room in the house, in my glove box, in my car and in my desk drawer, at work. My sister worked at a high school and it seems lots of people would leave their glasses and never come to lost and found to pick them up. She had boxes…she worked there for 30 years! So one day she asked if I wanted any reading glasses. None are the correct rx, but they’re better than nothing. Seems I’m always without my glasses so the extras do work in a pinch for me. I would love cute glasses with the correct rx…then I’d really look like the happenin’ Gram I already am!

  • kim c.

    I use all the pairs my mom forgets at my house so I technically don’t “own” any!

  • kate Rivas

    I actually just ordered some prescription readers – actually progressive glasses.

  • Julie Skillicorn

    Too many to count! I always seem to lose the cute and expensive ones. Why is that?

  • Theresa

    I have three pair of glasses and wish I had a pair for every outfit–and that’s a lot!!

  • Peggy Daley

    20 or more but my hubby steals them!

  • Charlie Jeanne Klumpp

    At least 8 pairs — and as of an hour ago, I was able to find 2 pairs!

  • Laura

    Just one. I need more!

  • liliMarlene

    too many to count, I have different colors and frame shapes to suit my moods.

  • Charlie Jeanne Klumpp

    At least 8 — and s of an hour ago, I could even find 2 pairs!

  • Right now I have 3. 1 for me, 1 for a friend who forgets his/hers, and a prescription pair that doesn’t get worn in bed, sat on, scratched, and are presentable enough to leave the house!

  • Gayla

    I currently have 6 pairs scattered all around the house


  • Connie Williamson

    I have 1 pair, but I’ve lost them!

  • 2 at this point in time.

  • Mary

    Adorable, own 2. Would love to have more in fun colors!

  • kathy maroun

    I have 3 or 4 pairs but can never find them .12 pairs would be great atleast I know I would have a few handy nearby.Boy could I really use them and the styles are great.

  • Dixie Bracken

    two ratty


    I stopped counting, I love to match with what I wear! Would love these they are really cute!!

  • Jacob LaFountaine

    I don’t use any pair of readers at the current time

  • I just have one pair still holding up now. Got to be able to read for sure. Could use a new pair! Thanks

  • Jo-Ann Brightman

    3 pairs of reading glasses

  • Amanda Shorts

    Only 1, but I would like to have more.

  • tammy plants

    I own many cheap pairs, all in different locations

  • I’m ashamed to admit….over 12! They are everywhere! Since I turned 40 and then went through chemo. my eyes took a turn for the worse! Love to match them to my outfits, plus have them within arms reach.

  • Maureen Clothier

    I only have one pair. I just recently started having trouble with my eyes. Even the one pair I have I seem to misplace quite often.

  • Bettie Claxton

    Among my office, my home and my purse, I have 8 pairs. ,

  • Noel

    2 but I need more

  • Only 4…always want more….

  • Cheryl Gallehugh

    Love these glasses!!

  • Donna

    I have one or two (hopefully) in my handbag. One in kitchen, sewing room, office, car. Can’t survive without. Who only knows what would have been ordered?

  • Mary Hollifield

    I have about 5 pair right now, sometimes that goes up or down, depending on how many I can lay my hands on. I have one beside every book I’m reading at the moment, including in the car. They are all really cheap, though, I buy them at the Dollar Tree.

  • RoseMarie

    I have at least six pairs, one in the car, one in each room, one on the computer desk and one around my neck at all times.
    But they are not very fancy and I would love not to be described as the grey haired lady with the glasses!

  • Edmond

    None. Pick me, pick me! Your next winner!!! Show me the money!!! It would be a dream come true & means more to me than anyone else to win. Starving artist here desperately needs the prize glasses to read, work & eat again. Winner, winnner. Chicken dinner. A life changing experience. Top of my bucket list. Thanks for the awesomeness, the contest, & generosity. Dear Santa: I’ve been nice. My X-Mas wish this year is to win this contest!

  • danielle brigandi

    i own two pairs of nice pair when i am out and pair when i am home and reading.i have them on a fancy eye glasses chain,so i don’t lose them.

  • Maybe five? You know you’ve reached a certain age when reading glasses excite you. And they do me:-)

  • zero – I just squint. I really need reading glasses.

  • vicki bogart


  • I only have one pair and i have to wear them all the time.

  • Debbie Dodge

    2 but I need so so so much more 🙂 – thank you!

  • I think 14 complete pair, and probably another dozen missing one or more parts….a lens, left arm, right arm, broken at the nose piece, etc…..just never seem to be able to throw any away….

  • I own 4 pair of reading glasses, but I never remember where I put them so it’s always a search!!

  • Holly Kennedy

    I currently own one. Well, half of one. They are my husband’s. I use them when he goes to sleep.

  • Joan

    I have a pair at my desk, a pair in my coffee table, and one in my bag

  • Pam holloway

    I have 5 pairs but can never find them when I need them. A pair a month would be great, even I can’t loose all those.

  • 3 pairs

  • I have three pairs… one for work, one for home and one for PLAY!

    Thank you in Advance.

    Jo Ann

  • Patricia Rupell

    I own 1 pair.

  • Pam

    I have at least 5 pairs but can only find 2. Wow could I use this win. A pair a month would be great. I don’t think even I could lose all those. Haha.

  • Nancy J. Lewis

    I have 7 pairs currently. But would love to win this contest.

  • Jean Fischer

    I go through reading glasses like water

  • Three!

  • I’m as blind as a bat and have different glasses in every room of my home. I could use some new designs for sure.

  • I have 4 pairs of reading glasses and I can’t always find
    a pair.

  • Iris

    Just 2 right now, but would love to add these!

  • Pamela

    One is never enough!

  • Kimberley Maggard

    I own three pair of reading glasses and can never find them when I need them!

  • Mary S

    1 pair with monovision. I could use a pair of readers!

  • amy mayer

    3-not enough!

  • anna

    To many to count, one in every corner. could use more

  • Rosi McCoy

    I currently own seven pair of readers/cheaters.


    Don’t have any, I wear bifocals. At times it is hard to see out of the reading portion when you need to look up or straight ahead.

  • Rebecca

    1 pair, but they’re already too weak – yikes!

  • Yvonne

    2 pairs

  • I own approximately 20 pair of reading glasses. SO, No my rreading glasses are not boring. I Use them as another accessory in my wardrobe.

  • gaylynn

    I own one pair…sometimes I can find them-sometimes I can’t. 🙂

  • Michelle Brown

    I own three pair.

  • lynn brannen

    I don’t own a pair.I do wear regular glasses.I have to pull these down or take them off to see the small print

  • just four!!

  • Deborah S

    I have a dozen pair..One in every room.. and 2 pair at work!

  • Lisa Hetsko

    How many pairs of cheaters? Too many, at least 20. 2-3 at work, at least 1 pair in each room, 1 pair per pocketbook.

  • I need some really cute reading glasses!! I can’t see!! =(

  • Bridget Strait

    2 pairs, period. I could use more, but $ stops that from happening~

  • Ana Cristina Andreoni


  • Diane McMahon

    I do not own reading glasses, but I know I need them now and again.

  • Marsha

    I needed this. I break at least a pair a month. These look sturdy.

  • Karen Mumpower


  • The Nan

    I have three pairs but they are so boring! I need to jazz it up with some of these fabulous readers!!! Pick me, pick me 🙂

  • sharon

    5 pair, and would love to have more!

  • Andrea Walsh

    I currently own 13 pairs-My doctor tells me the strength and I buy non-prescription fashionable readers. I wear contacts for seeing far but as a lawyer, I read all day so I use reading glasses to accessorize my outfit. In addition to their utility, by coordinating the glasses with my wardrobe, I feel fabulous with them. I keep 8 in my office, 1 in my purse, and the remaining 4 at home. I am looking for 1-2 new pairs now! They have become part of my style! I always get compliments on my readers.

  • Cindy

    none 🙁

  • Joseph

    I currently own 2 pairs of reading glasses.

  • Opal Hale

    I have 17 pairs of reading glasses. I can’t see a thing when I wear any of the 17 pairs! I think I need a stronger prescription pair.

  • Donna

    Countless! I wear one around my neck and have several others as backup.Got to do it.Seeing is more important than vanity.

  • Sunn ymay

    I don’t have reading glasses, but have no-line bifocals for distance. Mostly for reading, I take off my glasses and can see fine. My astigmatism went away at age 55 which is amazing. I had the opthalmologist check again the next time and the results were the same. Yipee! Another thing off my list.

  • margaracantu

    I currently own ONE, since my last alternate pair got stepped on recently! and before that i had a pair of bifocal tinted glasses that i really loved, and its beemn some time since i kast saw them.,,, these monthly sure would come in handy!

  • Brenda Carodine

    You can never have too many. I have five.

  • Gwen Porter

    5 pr

  • Terri Sanders-Finlinson

    I have just one but am in need of several more! 🙂

  • Sheila Chaffins


  • Barbara DiManna

    I have approximately 4 pair. I say approximately because the only ones I am certain I can find are the ones that I am wearing!

  • Nancy Jachcik

    down to one pair because I just had cataract surgery and my reading script has changed

  • Sue Epling

    I have 3 pair currently! I try to keep one in my purse, one in the car and one in the living room. None the less, it seems I never have a pair when I need them; to read a menu, thread a needle, see who is calling on my cell etc!!

  • Larisa K

    I always loosing them. So I got like 5 or 6 pairs home and 2 at work… But no one like those – it awesome!

  • Nicki M.

    I have 4 pairs right now; one at home, one at work, one in my car and one I keep in my purse. Unfortunately, two of them cracked .

  • Monica Morrison

    I own dozens. I can locate two.

  • Polly

    One in bedroom, one in kitchen, one in purse, one by computer. : D

  • Jeanie

    I love bold looks with my glasses. I have a cool pair in my office and another one I carry in my bag, but every year I have to replace them due to leaving them somewhere and someone likes them too:)

  • Renee Browning

    I own none but I need some & would love to win.

  • J Fred Hubbs

    Have one pair on my desk, another spare in the drawer.

  • paula

    I love these glasses! I have 6 pairs all over the house & in my purse. I’d love to win these! very stylish.

  • Helen Ho

    Those glasses look fantastic! My pair of glasses is at least 7 years old.

  • Patty

    can’t find my style….still struggling. oh so vain

  • Tina Fussell

    I have at least 10 pairs.

  • Angelo Feliciano

    I currently have 4 pairs of reading (some 1.00)

  • Bonnie Clyne

    I’m supposed to buy a pair…I have none at the moment.

  • Carolyn Campbell

    I have half a dozen now, as they do tend to break.

  • patti lovecky

    I have 2 prescription pairs and about 10 from the dollar store, but still find myself always looking for a pair of glasses when I need to read something.

  • Michelle Narvaez

    ….counting 9 ? can I find them all … no………I cant even seem to remember the pair on top of my head. Giggles

  • I am 75 years old and just use reading glasses. I have 2 pair in the computer room, 2 pair in the bedroom, 1 pair in each bathroom,and 2 pair in the den.

  • Mary Ann

    I have 3 pairs but they are all from the dollar store, really cheap!!!

  • Fran

    I have- not enough!

  • Misty

    I have 3 pairs.

  • teresa

    I only own one pair. I need to have another pair for the kitchen and one for my purse. I am beginning to realize that I need them now to read recipes and menus at restaurants.

  • lisa ludwig

    That would have to be 5. Two for my purse, one for the car, 2 for the house. Well sometimes there are 3 in the house because I keep misplacing them lol~!

  • katherine Lesiak

    I need new glasses. mine are sooo old


    Right now (today,lol) two pairs. I always keep an extra pair tucked away (I call it my spare) so when (not if) I lose the current readers I have a back up! And of course I replace my spare asap before I lose them!! Yep, that’s my ‘where are my glasses’ life’s cycle.

  • julie rosier

    I have one pair. Well, 2 if you count my husband’s that I use.

  • Tracie Trump

    I currently own three!

  • Kathleen Robertazzo

    I currently have three pairs of reading glasses. I keep one pair at work, one pair in my purse and one pair in my home office.

  • Shelia

    I try to keep at least three pair at a time. They tend to get caught on the seatbelt and end up on the floor of the car, on the side of the driver’s seat or on the ground.

  • Leslie Rigsby

    I only have one pair now, and I keep misplacing them. I need to win these!

  • Jennifer Tower

    at least 4

  • mag

    I currently have two pair of readers. Obviously not enough!

  • Rimanda Goodwin

    yes so many to watch t.v computer to read and work around the house,,UGHHH

  • laurie

    none but I need to accept that I have to start wearing them!

  • Rimanda Goodwin

    so many one to read one to do the computer see around the house..ugh!!!!!!!! others for spare

  • Myrna

    I must own about 20 pair of readers in different strengths all over the house. I am constantly putting on a pair so I can read or see something. The stronger ones I had to put away as I resently has cateract surgury and had to buy new ones in a lesser strength.

  • Denise Argent

    I have looked after my one and only pair of readers for the last two years and just recently I broke the side of the glass.I have taped it up to the frame with Sellotape and I look ridiculous!

    • Hi Denise,

      You’re a funny lady! Made me chuckle.

      Geri, FabOverFifty

  • I think I have 3 pair but I’m always misplacing them so I’m not sure.

  • irene edson

    3 u-u-ugly pairs!!!:)

  • Glen Pollard

    2 pairs

  • Melissa Okelly

    lovin the fun glasses :-)))

  • Lisa McCorkle

    I own about 10 pairs and only 2 I can even use. The rest are broken or bent and I cannot read anymore without glasses. It would be wonderful to have decent glasses that I can actually be proud to wear.

  • Darlene Comeaux

    Too many to count, they are everywhere. I am always breaking them.

  • I actually don’t own any, but I feel like readers would help.
    I am constantly taking my eyeglasses off to see the computer and to read music. They look like a lot of fun in so many styles and colors!

  • Necta Nelson

    i currently have none and i really do need a pair or carry a magnify glass with me to read lol

  • Just a couple, but they have to look great, even if I only wear them at home!

  • I’m not looking forward to having cataracts removed even though I’m told instead of bifocals for near-sightedness, I’ll only need readers after surgery. I’m already window shopping for reading glasses for regular use as well as tinted readers for the beach. I have no intention of resembling Grandma Moses; I want “style!”

  • Ethel Johnson

    I have two broken pair and one good pair. I MySpace them every day. My daughter-in-law threatens to buy me a Granny chain to hang around my neck to keep from losing them. Yuk, please help!

    • Ethel Johnson

      I misplace them every day. Although they are somewhere in space is true but not MySpace lol…

  • Kerry Simpson

    I have two pairs – need more.

  • Jennifer Folker

    I don’t have any reading glasses at the moment

  • linda palaey

    7 – hope it’s a lucky number

  • I have 3 pairs. I need them to read the phone book the pill bottles and any thing with small print. I need to have readers in my purse, at my job and in my house.
    I could use more pairs so I have them in car to read where I am going other places in my home so I do not have to look for them dig in my purse.

    Thank you

  • Brittney House

    I only own one pair.

  • Elizabeth

    I only own one pair of glasses that I always put on the same place so I can always find them. It would be so great to have more so I could have a travel pair and another and another… I’d love it!!!❤️

  • Janice Mitchell


  • Lori Justus

    None…I need to get some:)

  • Daphne Parrid

    Never heard of Fab Over Fifty.

    • Hi Daphne,

      Well, now you have heard of FabOverFifty. We’re glad you visited. If you’d like to enter the contest, tell us how many pairs of reading glasses you own.

      Geri Brin

  • Gricelda Castro

    I own 1 pair, the 1 I wear everyday!

  • Mary Grace Gallagher

    Not enough!!!! Never too many!!!

  • Alene Wendrow


  • Alene Wendrow

    I can’t even begin to count. It varies from week to week. I have managed, however, to hold onto my favorite pair, always in my purse.

  • I think the current count is four pairs. My squeeze keeps stealing them – so a renewing supply would be brilliant!

  • karen

    I have 3 pairs right now. It would be fun to win a few more!

  • Janice Cash

    3 pairs

  • Brenda Carodine

    I could use a couple more pairs.

  • Cheryl Lynne

    I have two pairs.

  • Anita Robertson

    I won too many. A pair in each room and everywhere I think I may need a pair.

  • One pair

  • I have two pairs of readers, which are actually very cheap, but do the job. However, I am always concerned that they are going to break on me. I use to pay a lot for readers, but found that they can be easily replace. Still I would LOVE to win a supply to keep in the car, home, work.

  • Penny Boyer

    I own 7 pair. Have to have one for each room.

  • Wear regular prescriptions that are too weak. Have not been able to afford new ones. Hoping the bifocal readers will help me be able to function again.

  • Cynthia

    Would love to win stylish reading glasses. I only have one pair.

  • Only two, I need to get more..

  • liliMarlene

    at least 12–every time I buy a pair, I ask myself, “WWEKW?”
    (What would Eartha Kitt wear?”

  • linda

    I currently own three pair.

  • kelly carlisle

    none! But I need to get some! xo

  • Edmond

    6. Pick me, pick me! Your next winner!!! Show me the money!!! It would be a dream come true & means more to me than anyone else to win. Starving artist here desperately needs the glasses to work & eat again. Winner, winnner. Chicken dinner. A life changing experience. Top of my bucket list. Thanks for the awesomeness, the contest, & generosity. Dear Santa: I’ve been nice. My X-Mas wish this year is to win this contest!

  • Nancy Sinatra

    7 pairs now!

  • Rosemary S

    I have about eight pairs that I can account for at this time.
    I like to buy different colors and wild designs, they get a lot of attention. My computer glasses are big owl-like frames that are always sitting next to the mouse. I just like buying glasses that “bling”.

  • Nancy


  • Linda Lansford

    I own 3 pairs of reading glasses.

  • jules m.

    i have two pairs that i use and one spare pair i dont like

  • Lorraine 53

    Boy, more pairs of reading glasses than I could EVER lose! Just what I need! Hope I win!

  • Rita Hubbs

    I have 5 pair of the really cheap reading glasses, one for each room (except bathrooms) in my house. When I had only one pair I could never find them so I tried to cut down on the frustration. Still lose them sometimes!

  • mandradany

    I only have one pair of reading glasses! I only wish I could afford a spare…mine is all scratched but making a great use of them with style!

  • sabvina darby

    sounds goo d 2 me.

  • S. Crockett

    I have two pair that I use daily, and 6 or more broken ones in my junk drawer.

  • Elizabeth

    Probably ten pairs!!! (-:

  • JoAnn Tuite

    7. In my purses, car and all over the house.

  • Pam DiMaio



    Seven — one for each day of the week 🙂

  • Kathy flanagan

    I have several missing and 3 I can find.

  • Robin

    I have a basket by my bed with about 4 pairs (some of them are broken) and a basket by my chair in the living room with one pair.

  • Darlene Wright

    Two right now, lost several,lol~!

  • Izzat Rayyan

    I only have one pair and I do not mind to own more.

  • vicki bogart


  • Bev Reece

    I know where I can find 4 pairs right now.

  • Jean DeVilbiss

    Let’s see… I have three of four pairs where I can get to them, a few stored for when the others fail or are chewed by the dog, three pairs of sunglasses, one by the computer,and those really strong big ones for working on miniatures which makes a total of nine or ten? But of course, I’m always willing to try a new color or something. And I have discovered I can see the tv better with weaker ones. Sigh. More than one that’s for sure – I need them to help my husband look for his one pair that he lost again today. lol.

  • susan hartman

    At the moment I believe I have 2 pairs.

  • diana shenderovich

    i have 5

  • Karen C.

    I must own at least 7 or 8 pairs in assorted colors and magnifications all over the house, purses and cars, but can never find a pair when needed!

  • Angelia Howard

    I have two and could really use better ones. These look bright and fun, love them.

  • Melissa Hartley

    I don’t own any reading glasses, just prescription sunglasses & 2 pairs of prescription glasses .. thanks!!

  • Bunny

    Nobody can have too many pairs of glasses. Oh yeah!!.

  • Kathi Elster

    Oh I must have at least 10 pairs, one in every room of my apartment. In the office if my readers are not on my face they are on top of my head (and sometimes I franticly run around looking for them). There is always one in my bag so that I can read labels, prices, phone numbers, texts, menus, signing credit card bills and the name on the nail polish bottle – why is it so tiny? Help!!! I cannot live without readers.

  • Sue-Rae Rosenfeld

    None – I decided I didn’t need bifocals after my cataract surgery, and only got distant lenses – big mistake.

  • Jana

    I currently only own prescription glasses

  • Desiree melton

    I currently have 3 pair that I can account for. The others ones are with the run away lone sock – lol.



  • Sharon Siqueiros

    I have 2 pair and they are cheap and ugly….they do serve their purpose though hahaha

  • jaylene

    I have one pair would love to win this sounds great thank you

  • One pair that I can’t see to well with. I think I need stronger ones!

  • I have at leat 20-25 pairs they are spread thru my house and
    at work. I have different colors and styles always looking for new ones.

  • one

  • Rosi McCoy

    I have at least 9 pairs of readers. I keep them all around the house and in my purse. They are more valuable than $$$ to me these days! Thanks for this great offer.

  • Barb

    Right now I don’t have any reading glasses. My contacts are mono vision, so one is suppose to be for closer up reading. It really is better for working on the computer though.

  • Genie Ellsworth

    Two, and they’re just “blah” glasses. I like yours!

  • Cathy Buckwalter

    I own 8 pairs (housed in my bedroom, library, kitchen, livingroom, car, diningroom and laundryroom — however, they’re all at 2.50 and 2.75 — I’m now needing 3.00-3.25 — and haven’t had time to shop for new ones — many stores don’t carry the new magnifiers I need — would be helpful to win new magnifiers

  • 50lish

    oh those much needed reading glasses….have at least 5-10 scattered here and there, and yes never can find one when you need them 🙂

  • Tracey

    I own a few pair but would love to win 12 new pair. It would be fun to have that many pairs at my disposal to reflect my mood.

  • rcrouch

    I have about 5 pair of readers, one at work, one in bathroom, one on nightstand in bedroom, one in purse and usually one on top of my head

  • I have had as many as four but am now down to one. If I dig under the sofa cushions, that number could rise. And there might be one buried under the snow on my porch.

  • L Rose

    I know exactly where three pair are plus the location of two magnifying glasses

  • Patricia N

    At least six pairs. Work, bedroom, kitchen, purse, car, etc.

  • Annette D

    Just 2!

  • jennifer

    I currently have 2 pairs of reading glasses and they are awful!

  • Kim H

    I only have one pair and im forever forgetting them…eerrrr. I need a pair for work, home, and second job

  • Cheryl Gallehugh

    I have several pairs at work and scattered around the house at home.

  • i want to win

  • Michelle K

    I have 2 pair

  • Mary Jo Mitts

    I have them everywhere and try to always leave them in same spots – office desk, purse, kitchen counter, bathroom, etc
    but sadly can always use a new pair! 🙂

  • Karen Breeden

    I have two pair!

  • I have ten but only found one so I can at least enter this contest!

  • I have two that are very usable,a couple that looks bad,but put away,just in case…I have to wear to see good.. I’m thankful for glasses,but need new modern ones,

  • Theresa N

    I have 3 pairs right now.

  • Nancy Isgette

    I have about 8 inexpensive readers scattered around between work, car, home, purses…. But I would be thrilled to own these gorgeous glasses. I would treasure them!!

  • Janine

    I own 3 prescription glasses and 1 reading glasses. These are very pretty!

  • Janet Chen

    At least 6, between prescription and readers – but never enough!

  • Kathryn

    I believe I have about seven pair of readers and two with a leg missing. (Gee, sounds like a spider!) Oh, another at work. Long ago I stopped buying costly Rx. I don’t wish to hang them around my neck either. Having already looked at, I would love to wear some of their snazzy readers!

  • karen

    I have two and one is broken! I could really use more

  • Michele Cox

    I own at least 15 readers and still search constantly! These are beautiful, and I would love to add them to my collection.

  • 2 readers and 1 prescription

  • sandra

    two pairs of glasses, but not necessarily for reading

  • Lt

    i own three glasses

  • Christine Fidance

    I have one pair – would love to win these! Thank you!

  • Maureen

    About 5. I keep one in every room.

  • TerryH

    I really don’t know how many pairs I have around the house. I buy really cheap glasses when they are on clearance at closeout stores. I put them all over the house and STILL can’t seem to find a pair when I need them. The real downside to this is that they don’t hold up well at all so I don’t keep any of them for very long. The pair on my face right now is peeling bits of plastic off the sides, and it sticks to my face when I take them off.

  • donna wiederhold

    1carry with me

  • amy mayer

    3 cheap $5 readers-(not enough)

  • kathy cassinelli

    I have several dollar store pairs…..they tend to get misplaced or fall apart so I keep them all around/

  • Mel Gooch

    I love readers!!

  • Camille Long

    I used to own about a dozen and I would leave them everywhere. Unfortunately, I now need bifocals which is probably easier because now they stay on my face!

  • Christine Jelley

    Five. Once they were all near the computer, flanked by a lone hair clip.

  • Diana Rager

    I have 2 “working” pair, and several that are either the wrong strength, or broken in various locations around the house!

  • Louise

    The first mistake I made was buying a very expensive pair of prescription glasses. I kept dropping them, misplacing them, etc. and they didn’t look so great anymore. I spoke with my doctor about using so-called “cheaters” and he approved their use (but not for everything). Well, trying to find nonprescription glasses that were attractive was a challenge! If I had an attractive collection, there would be one everywhere I spend time, including my parents’ house and car!

  • Vickie Schlicher

    I have 3

  • Teresa Caroselli

    I personally claim nine pairs (including sun readers) but between my husband and I there have to be 25 or more around this house. All of them are ugly might I add.

  • Candy

    The amount of glasses I own changes based on how many are ‘missing’ at any given time…I probably have at least 20!

  • Gayla

    I would love to win these glasses. I am constantly looking for my glasses.

  • Diane Hinkle

    I have two pairs. One in my sewing room and one on my desk. I wear glasses for distance but use over the counter glasses to see up close. I find bifocals make me too dizzy to walk so I must use these little “life savers” to see small print or to thread a needle. I don’t know what I would do without them.

  • Sherry

    Let me see…, bedroom, kitchen, living room, bathroom,……and the list goes on. Not to mention my husband uses them!!! Ask me, do they fit now?? This would be a wonderful gift!!!!

  • anna sattali

    would love to own these.

  • Jacquie

    I own two pair. Would be great to have more

  • anna sattali

    I have them all over the house. Could use more

  • Ravonna Rydell

    I only have 1 pair right now, but buy new ones every other week. Lol

  • El


  • Jana Johnson

    I currently have 6 – but need several more!!

  • Joanna Lymburner

    I currently only own one pair, I have just started to need them. I am on a fixed income and could only afford the one’s that were the cheapest in the store and they are not the best looking glasses. I could surely use another pair.

  • Constance McQueen

    Let’s see, a pair in the kitchen, family room, bath rooms(2), bedrooms(4), dressing room, in my purse, the car, the truck, and the pair that I wear on a granny string around my neck all the time! Okay, that’s a total of 13, right. Oh my, I’ve got to have them. SMILES

  • Just cleaned out my drawer had a bunch but now only two

  • Margaret Smith

    About 5 or so. I keep a pair in basically every room I would need to read something.

  • Brad Krauzowicz

    I have four pairs of reading glasses.


    3 OR 4

  • Donna Heibel

    Actually I only own one pair but could use a lot more!

  • Glenda Cox

    I have several pairs thought the car, home & office & have even been seen wearing 2 at a time on my face to get magnification for what I’m doing, eg: map reading. That picture / view is really endearing to my husband!!!(NOT! ) I have tried bi focals before, but trully just tripped myself up!! My reader strength & computor strength readers can handle those different strengths.Please help…….have gotten to the point can be w/o some pair but they’re getting more $ more $$ ea time!!! I can really look like a geek if need be ,w glasses on their face, but other than laughable, it’s gotten old & crazy nana lookin!! Too young to be looked at that I see. Grrrrrr !

  • Francine ONeill

    I have about 6 pairs one for every room and a pair in my handbag.

  • elena callas


  • Sandra Anderson

    I have seven or eight pairs reading glasses, maybe more if I hunt around the house and dig inside my purses.

  • Robbie

    I have one good pair and one scratched=up crummy pair.

  • Brenda Lacourciere

    I own 2 pairs.

  • I have at least three pair and it never feels like enough. Always leaving them around the house. To find a pair must remember where I was last when I used them.

  • jodi kozloff

    believe it or not..only one beat-up pair

  • Jean Fischer

    I have about 6 pair, keep losing them

  • Lillian Poole

    Sooooooo true seems you can never have enough ! I would love to wear these readers beautiful and I wouldn’t have to share with my husband 🙂

  • Stephanie

    I have two pair, but could definitely use more. Especially, since I can never seem to remember where I put them.

  • Charles Reeder

    2 pairs. I keep one in car in case I forget mine when I am going to church.

  • Rose Reeder

    I only have the pair of glasses I wear daily. They are prescription for reading because I am reading so much.

  • Karen Fedder

    Have 17 pairs…I like them to match whatever I am wearing. Need more!!! Some are cheap and break easily…

  • Maria Goulart

    nice glasses, very fashionable!

  • Kristi C

    I only have one pair right now.

  • Craig Clarkson

    One pair is what I own

  • Rosetta Major

    I have two pairs as I seem to lose it all the time. Fabulous to have all colors.

  • MarDo

    How cool – glasses for all seasons and all reasons…..where did I leave my glasses? A wardrobe of glasses would be fun and oh so practical. No more hunting for my specs!

  • AJB

    I have two pairs but I just dropped one recently and it’s broken.

  • Basya S

    I keep loosing and buying new ones all the time, so I actually have no idea how many I have got. At least 5 to 7 pairs.

  • lynn anderson

    about 10 pairs. that’s including at home, at work and in the car.

  • Teresa Sager


  • Cindy

    I have a couple but could use more!

  • Mary

    I have 3 pairs of glasses. Nice to keep them where one needs them…;-D

  • April

    I don’t own reading glasses yet. I am near sighted so I either remove my distance glasses or look out the clear section at the bottom of my progressives.

  • Vicki H

    Only 1 but own those, plus regular glasses, plus prescription sunglasses. Really need these!

  • konny church


  • Kathleen M Smith

    One and a magnifying sheet

  • Diane Hernandez

    I have three but I’ve misplaced at least that many in the past year.

  • Diane Brown

    I own at least 5, 1 is in the car, 1 is always at work and rest I use whichever is closest at hand

  • Carl L Smith Jr

    I have 3

  • Lisa A Fury

    I have about 8, if I include the broken ones. I would love to have just one really good, well made, durable pair!

  • lisa m

    I have four pair of reading glasses…I leave one at work…one in the living room…one in my bedroom and one in my purse!

  • Jennifer Essad

    one – in a blue/green paisley – would love a few more 🙂

  • janet lindsey


  • IntoTheMist

    They are all falling apart, so ready for something new. All old so if I count them probably 3 and one broken.

  • Kay Platis

    I have 3 pairs, plus a tiny pair in my purse. My husband looks funny wearing those at a restaurant!

  • gailyn shepherd

    I have three, but just broke two. They were old.

  • Janet

    I believe I own 5 or 6 pairs — finding them when I need them is the problem. I’m sure if I had wonderful fun readers like the ones from, I would be much happer to be wearing them and showing them off!

  • linda

    Three. But none of them look as great as these do.Love them so stylish.

  • Diana D.

    I actually only have 2 pairs and I primarily wear just one of them. I need new ones but just haven’t had a chance to go get more. Both are reading glasses.

  • Melissa Alvarado

    I have one pair 🙂

  • Brenda Carodine

    I own five pairs.

  • Pamm Peterson

    I own maybe 8 pairs. I keep one in each car and each pocketbook as well as my work bag. Another pair by my computer in my bedroom and kitchen. When I need a pair I can’t seem to find the pair by my computer or kitchen.

  • Sharon Stahl

    Too many to count, in my purse, every room of the house, and I still keep “misplacing” them!

  • Kim Sortet

    None but I need about 10 pairs to put in car, kitchen, bedroom, etc!

  • Ida Khodorkovskaya

    I got 3 pairs: one I keep at work, one at home and one – in my purse. I keep loosing them and buying again and again.

  • Soledad

    I don’t own any. I wear prescription glasses. But I’ve been curious about them. They would be a cheaper alternative.

  • Pamm Peterson

    I have about 6 pairs. Now ask me if I can locate a pair when I need that pair. Most of the time I can’t find one when I need it.

  • Frances Fujishige

    I currently have 3; lost one recently. One in my purse, one in my bedroom, and one for the office. The fourth was my spare.

  • Carol

    I have 3 pair one to match by different moods and outfit styles. Unfortunately the older I get the more of a staple they are for my daily attire!

  • julie murphy

    I have 2 pair

  • Pamela Dickson

    I have 4 pair of reading glasses. I misplace them or they break often.

  • Norma Hartwell

    would love this

  • mickeyfan

    Three. And 2 bifocals. Don’t really need the “distance” portion of the bi’s, but it’s easier to wear them than to try to find the readers!

  • DebberO

    I keep getting stronger glasses and I lose a few pairs a year, so my house is a menagerie of semi-useful cast-offs! Right now I count six. Thanks for the great contest!

  • Sherry

    A pair in every room of the house, in the glove box of both cars, and always a pair on top of my head! Gotta have them…no readers, no see!

  • Shirley A

    3 pack!

  • Barbara Mayes

    only one, i need at least 2 more pair!

  • Dawn Monroe

    I have one. Im a new wearer.

  • Lee

    How many do I own, or how many can I find? I’m guessing about four or five…

  • Unfortunately, I don’t own not 1 pair of reading glasses! However, I will love to win a pair.

  • SuzyM

    Dare I say at least 10 – they are here there and everywhere! The funniest story was the time I was at the kitchen table reading with readers, and my Husband came in and asked me if I was using them – duh, they are on my face and I am reading… He said, “no” the pair on top of my head! : )

  • Madeline bruni

    7 pairs that I leave all over the house

  • Maria

    I had 5, but my husband keeps taking them from me so now I’m down to 2

  • maggie sanders

    I have two pairs of reading glasses.

  • Stella Ferraiuolo

    I have several… About five. However, none are as nice and fashionable as these.

  • I own 3 but usually 1 is always misplaced.

  • Sue Miller

    About 11 pairs but 3 are broken and I’m still wearing them!

  • Sherril T.

    I own 8 pairs of reading glasses!

  • Kathie

    I currently own 3 pairs of reading glasses.

  • Gwendolyn Garrett

    I own 8 pairs I have them all over the house.

  • Chris Van Valkenburg

    At least 3 but I think I may be missing a pair. Bedroom, kitchen, 2 offices and car. I guess that’s five. Wow!

  • sharon goulet

    I pair right now because I lost my extra pair.

  • I have a pair of “cheaters” at home, and a pair at school.


    I do not have any but I wear bifocals but I do want at least one pair of reading glasses, bifocals not always do the trick

  • Right now I only have 1 pair. But at the speed my eyesight keeps changing, I need a new pair every month.

  • I have 5 pair of reading glasses. I try to keep one in each room and 1 in my purse.

  • Rita M

    I own about four pair of reading glasses. They are all different strengths, styles and colors. Like an eyeglass wardrobe.

  • Kathy Hanley

    I am down to one pair since one pair just broke!

  • Diana

    At the moment don’t have any readers because having trouble find them with the right scrip of 125 or less.

  • I think I have 3

  • Teresa Holder

    4 or 5

  • I have at least 7 pairs,as I leave them everywhere all over the house!

  • Zenaida


  • Tricia

    One pair of reading glasses. I’d love to win reading glasses for a year!

  • Daisey Perez

    I buy them as gifts … especially stylish ones!!

  • Peggy Cole

    I have 3 pairs, one in my purse, one on the desk and a pair in the kitchen. Still can’t keep track of them!

  • Nancy Krueger

    four, but only one pair I like

  • Carla meiners

    Currently I have three, that I am always chasing after! Really need some extras!

  • Pamela howell

    Ten one dollar variety– and can never find them!

  • Kathleen

    none..and I need them lol

  • 5 pairs

  • Vicky D

    I have 2 pairs.

  • joyce s.

    I have 4 at the moment. I have had up to 6 pairs. Can always use more – one for each room in the house.

  • Work,car,computer,reading area and of course an extra pair in my purse,

  • Merrylady

    I have two pair~ one I cannot find! 🙂

  • rosemaire colaberdino

    15, one pair in each room at my home, my car, every handbag that Own has reading glasses in them, coat pockets, and desk at work

  • BlueBear

    Just gave seven pairs to the Lions Club to use in their great work regarding vision. Now, I’m down to two pair in my current reading strength. Time to stock up!

  • sharon

    Only two!

  • I own 3 pair of readers. One for travel. One in my purse. One in the drawer of my bedside table.

  • Sandy Bonesteel

    I have two pair of reading glasses. I’ve kept my old, misshapen reading glasses just in case my newer pair gets lost or broken.

  • Margaret King

    Having more then one pair would be great.

  • Sherry K

    I have six in use, and three ready to go, but nothing as interesting

  • pat

    I own one pair, but, I’m in need of two more pairs. Somewhat blind. Thank you.

  • Would love to win the reader glasses. I have 3 pairs but they are scratched and get lost easily.

  • Kai W.

    I have six pair of reading glasses. I am purchasing one every year as my eyes get worse and worse for reading. My eye doctor has told me this will happen until I hit 60’s before my vision plateau.

  • Debbie Terry

    I have three – one in my car one in my purse and one arou ndmy neck

  • Mary G

    I think I have about six pair– most of them red!

  • Ginger

    I have between 8-10 pair at home, 1 or more in each room/location I sit in. At work I have some to go with the different colors I wear, and different strengths depending on what I’m working on. How fun a new pair each month would be.

  • Rebecca

    My eyes just started needing reading glasses (I’ve always been nearsighted so now it’s REALLY frustrating to be “no-sighted”). I have one pair I got from Costco, and one pair a British friend gave me out of pity.

  • Estella miller

    none. Keep taking my regular glasses on and off. not working very well lol!

  • Susan

    Probably too many to count, but most are old and scratched! My favorites are bright colors (and I love it when my husband has to borrow mine…he looks so cute in my blingy ones)!

  • Patti Kollar

    I have at least 6 pairs that are useable. One in my office,two in my purse (in case I break one), and the other 3 are floating somewhere in the house -now if I could only remember where I put them…*smile*

  • Bari

    I own one ugly, scratched, miserable pair. Ugh! Would so love to have a pair or two that both look good, and let me see up close. Don’t need one pair a month though, so I would donate the others to a women’s shelter if I won.

  • millicent townsend

    I have about 7 at any given time…between the dog using them as a snack, and me misplacing them, I can rarely find a pair to use. It is almost like the Bermuda triangle.

  • Linda Kish

    I have just one pair.


    I have 5 pairs. These look very fashionable.

  • Yvonne

    Let me count the ways! Computer desk, kitchen shelf, car glove compartment, purse, bathroom, office desk, 2 scratched pairs in the junk drawer kept for spares, gym bag. That would be 9, plus 2 animal print pairs and a gold pair to match special outfits. So 12 with room for many, many more!

  • Evangelina Ehlers

    I want to win!!!!

  • kathy d

    just one

  • June Ebinger


  • catherine moore

    I have three pairs but they often “go missing” .

  • Becky P

    I have one pair I am always searching for. Hope I win so I
    can have more then one pair.

  • Kimberly

    I own three pairs of readers from the dollar store… : ) Ones arm is breaking… : ( .. Happy Valentimes yall.. : _

  • Tracy

    I have 3 pair.

  • Karen Cogburn


  • Susan

    I have ONE pair. After reading the response of my FOF sisters I realize I am horribly lacking in my eyeware wardrobe!

  • Nancy Gordon

    I own 15 pairs of reading glasses in assorted strengths.

  • Tricia Brown


  • Elaine

    11 at last count

  • Peggy Rydzewski

    I have several pairs…at least 9 ..

  • df

    I have so many I lost count:)

  • Chris

    I have 6 pair of readers — I keep them everywhere! But I’d love to update the style.

  • I have 3 but never have them when I need them!

  • Kobi Hensley

    Only one…bought one for home also but they broke

  • Christine

    I own 2

  • Connie Williamson

    I only own one pair, and I’ve lost those!

  • jeanette sheets

    3 [pair

  • Three

  • Too many pairs to count including the ones tucked into my winter coats for those walks to the zoo without a purse. But even more important for me is knowing where I can find another pair in northwest DC at a moment’s notice. The pair you are carrying falls apart, so that calls for a stop at Whole Foods, Politics & Prose, Chocolate Moose, etc. Never too many, especially when they are stylish.

  • Kathryn Gritts

    3 – one at home, one at work, one in purse

  • Bruce Walsh

    20 and can’t find any!

  • I have like 6 pairs and they are scattered about!

  • eileen cormier

    at least 6, there everywhere!

  • Jo-Ann Brightman

    I own 2 , one always in my handbag an done for use around the house.

  • Kathleen L


  • Kristie Ballew

    3 pair

  • Six pairs!

  • I own 2 pairs one in my purse and the other remains at home.

  • Roxanne Antony

    I have 4 pair that I currently use and several old pairs that aren’t strong enough

  • Merrill

    I own 3 pair and I am always trying to switch things up a bit! This would be an awesome win for me!

  • teresa scarborough


  • None right now. Just started needing them.

  • Only 2 but neither as cute as those!

  • Donna Hart

    I probably have 15 pair :)but I do share them with my husband 🙁

  • Tracy Farr


  • irina


  • Tina Lageson

    You mean the ones I can find?! I think I have about 5…lol

  • Jill

    I have one pair of glasses bi-focals would love to have reading glasses the only time I wear the others is when I’m driving.

  • I own 4 pair but I really need a stronger magnification.

  • Sharron

    Two or three pairs, but they are the cheap ones & so I really have trouble with them! I sure could use a good pair. I have been having problems with my pretty BLUE eyes lately due to health issues so I am using reading glasses more & more. Keeping my fingers crossed to win!!! Thanks for this offer!

  • Pati

    4, one in the car, one in my purse, one at work and one by my bed (that’s where they are supposed to be, not necessarily where they are 🙂

  • Carol Wales

    Seven pair!

  • Nancy S

    None, but I’m getting to where I need them, and would love to own any of these!

  • Mary


  • Rose

    I own dozens of glasses..they are everywhere!!!!

  • Kris Anderson


  • Nancy

    I have 2 pair..

  • Cindy

    20+ – – but none as sassy as these.

  • Joann langdon

    Only one pair

  • Denise

    Two, but one pair is about to break. Yikes!

  • Iris

    Just two but could sure use some stylish pairs like these!