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10 Responses to “You tell us!”

  1. Cathy says:

    At 55 I particularly love being a grandmother and spending time with my 2 1/2 year old grandson and 7 month granddaughter. Practising yoga and regular walking helps keep me flexible and keeps the weight at bay even though the knees aren’t what they used to be. Recently unemployed I really miss the work environment and at my age I’m unsure if I’m still employable, finding it hard at the moment to get inspired. Perhaps I’ll start a blog lol

  2. Stefanie says:

    I’m well over fifty, 68 to be exact. I love my life. I was lucky enough to have a job that provided me with a guaranteed retirement income, and my days are filled with learning new things, going new places, and starting a whole new career in music and art — something I was trained for, but didn’t pursue because I felt I should make a living. I’ve had few health problems, other than a torn rotator cuff from a fall, but thanks to good medical care, that too has mostly passed. Hate? Feeling too stiff to move when I get up in the morning, or those nagging pains that tell me I can’t do “weekend warrior” type things anymore without training.

  3. Louise says:

    I am working on starting a business and it’s difficult but I’m enjoying learning all the various skills that are necessary. But the physical part of it is a bad joke. I’ve always been active and free of any physical problems other than bad eyesight up to the time I was diagnosed with renal cancer, but now in my 70’s while still far more active than most I hate the flabby skin on my arms, the soreness occasionally and the fact that I can’t get a job and I miss working. I’d like to see people half my age keep up with me.

  4. Beth O'Donnell says:

    I love being brave enough to tell others how I feel. So here goes:
    I hate feeling judged because I have never been married. I hate that I buy into social attitudes glorifying marriage over single life that force women to make bad choices, feel desperate, stay in stupid relationships and have a constant hum of fear of being alone.
    I love living alone but I have loved that for almost 30 years.

  5. Mary Lou says:

    Love? The freedom to not have to “fit in” as far as clothes, hair, makeup, etc. I’ve always just done my own thing anyway, but now I feel it’s more the right thing to do. I like myself more than I did when I was younger. My fitness routine focuses on health, flexibility, and well-being. No mirrors other than occasionally to check alignment. In the past, fitness was about working on the appearance of specific body parts I felt were flawed. I’m able to handle my moods much better than when I was younger. The phrase “This too shall pass” helps me with that.

    Hate? My health is a problem. In spite of staying slender and exercising, I have fibromyalgia and problems in multiple joints which cause me chronic pain. My eyesight is not great, even though I had laser surgery 4 years ago. Back to wearing glasses already. I’m forgetful and easily confused, even at this age. That concerns me.

  6. bclaxton says:

    I can say that the thing that is best about getting over 50 is that you finally know yourself and appreciate yourself. If others don’t like you, that is their loss. The worst thing (now that I am past menopause anyway) is that my body and face don’t look like me anymore and there are new aches and panes.

  7. Antionette Blake says:

    I will be 52 in September and have only one complaint – menopause with the weight gain and slower metabolism is what I hate about being over fifty. Being genuinely happy and secure in a 23 year marriage, watching my sons get older and being blessed by the best is definitely what I love about being over fifty!

  8. Brooke Billingsley says:

    Turning 50 was easy but being in my 50’s has been a challenge. I am in great health, weight in control and look younger than my age. Sounds good right? Then at 51 1/2 during a routine mammogram I was diagnosed with stage 2 breast cancer and a 16 month treatment plan because I was triple +. I completed my treatment the end of April and am trying to get my weight back in check and sort out this older life style. I have freedoms based on years lived but also I have an urgency to get things done now given my recent health scare. I tell young friends, enjoy your life to its fullest because it takes courage to enter into your 50’s. The menopause transition was tough too as chemo caused mine but I am learning to adjust to the changes that occur when the hormones are lower and the heat waves are frequent. I just celebrated my 53rd on June 20th and I am looking forward to a better year ahead filled with many moments of gratitude and joy.

  9. nascarblue says:

    I used to be afraid of turning 50, then the closer I got to 50 I realized it was going to be a great journey for me, now that I am 58 I can say with all honesty this part of my life is great, I look back and see how things were and how things are now, I am more self confident about myself from lessons learned, what I would hate about the 50’s is not putting into my journal what and how I lived my fifty’s. if someone down the road decided to read my journals hopefully they would learn from my mistakes or better said my lessons learned and they could gain insight into their own journey, celebrate each year, that I learned, I will celebrate my 50’s with my head high and my heart and soul full….

    • Beth O'Donnell says:

      I always knew I’d be dynamite in my 50s. Surviving 40 was a lot worse than anything 50 can through at me.


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