You’re Anxious When Your Adult Kids…

Oh, the fears we experience as parents! Do they ever cease? Nope, they’re our kids, even when they’re not really kids anymore, and although they’re out of sight, they’re never, ever out of mind. Sometimes, we worry about all 9 of these within a single day. That’s when we need a Valium. At the very least, a stiff drink.

1. Fly (anywhere!)

We secretly track their flights and turn on the TV in case a plane has fallen from the sky.

2. Visit the doctor

I know he’s not telling me it’s for a routine exam because something is seriously wrong.

3. Date the wrong person

He’s going to ruin her life (and mine).

4. Don’t date at all

He’ll surely never survive all alone when I’m gone.

5. Have major weight changes

He’s eating out of despair. She’s not eating out of hopelessness.

6. Drive in bad weather

Does he know how to turn the steering wheel if the car starts skidding on the ice?

7. Lose a great job

If she can’t find another good job, she’ll fall apart.

8. Don’t answer their phone

She collapsed on the street. He’s been in a car accident. She’s dead.

9. Move back home

Need we say more?

When do your kids
stress you out?

3 Responses to “You’re Anxious When Your Adult Kids…”

  1. Judy Meidel says:

    One more: Is He/she really happy?

  2. Hallie says:

    One other worry: Anytime the phone rings in the middle of the night. Car accident? Serious illness? Or just a scared child (of any age!) who is trying to sleep in the middle of a storm!

    • Geri Brin says:

      Oh, yes, Hallie. A phone in the middle of the night. The WORST!



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