Yuck, That’s Annoying

“Vaping. It looks ridiculous.”
Jeanne Storm
“Gum spit out on sidewalks rather than in available trash cans.”
Charmaine Reiter
“People on their cells while driving.”
Sharon Whitmire Hutt

“Guys with their pants below their butts.”
Evelyn Woodmansee Conner
“Huge, dark eyebrows on women.”
Kim Auld Miner
“Shirts with the shoulders cut out on people over 30 years old.”
Corinne Steele
“Cell phones stuck to people’s faces is crazy. They cannot put it down for a minute to have a conversation.”
Donna Parker
“Bad lip injections/fillers & there are A LOT of them!!!!!!!!! Just saying,
DON’T DO IT!!!!!!!!”
Janet Schain-thomson
“This kind of nose ring. My grown daughter wears one.”
Maria Sanchez
“Man buns. When I see a guy with a bun in his hair, I just want to reach out and touch somebody!”
Denise Mclain
“People who wear leggings as pants and yoga pants outside the gym.”
Becky Davies
“Wearing boots in Florida during winter time! Soooo annoying!”
Leigh Ann Acken
“Can’t stand people walking around with earphones and plugs listening to God knows what and not paying attention to what is happening in the real world.”
Shelley Guest
“Men in girls’ leggings.”
Ian Mcgarrigle
“Ripped jeans.”
Barbara Fritz
“Non stop selfies.”
Cindy Corbin Fisher

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  1. Attention All Passengers says:

    Annoying ways of speaking…….
    1. Starting a sentence with…..”So…”,.
    2. That grating whine or nasal whatever it is in young women’s voices.
    3. Ending each sentence as though it is a question (ie., “I went to the store to shop for a new blouse?”….as though they need affirmation for whatever it is they’re saying. Are you making a statement or are you asking a question???


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