Meet Elline Surianello

Location: New York, NY
Age: 56
Marital Status: Married
Education: Canisius College in Buffalo and Universidad Iberoamericana in Mexico City

Elline Surianello knows first-hand what it’s like to really hate your hair. Hers started falling out in clumps—in high school. “I have Androgenetic Alopecia,” says the 56-year-old New Yorker. “So I know what it’s like to not look and feel attractive and to face judgment due to hair loss.”

Elline spent years working as a makeup artist in New York while trying to find solutions for her hair loss. Wigs, creams, implants, pills–she tried it all, but never loved the results until she began designing her own custom hair pieces. “I realized how hard it was to find something truly individualized. That’s when I started my business, designing and manufacturing custom hair systems based on each client’s needs.”

Today, Elline is known across the country for her incredibly natural-looking hair ‘solutions’–painstakingly designed to fit each woman’s specific hair loss problem as well as her exact hair color and texture. Whether you’ve noticed minor thinning or you’re suffering serious hair loss, Elline has a permanent or semi-permanent piece designed to clip easily into your hair and be completely undetectable.

Where did you grow up?

Buffalo, NY.

Are you married?

Yes, I have been with Marvin for over 30 years.

When and why did you become interested in hair?

I have Androgenetic Alopecia and know firsthand what it’s like to not look and feel attractive, and face judgment due to my hair loss. I did not want other women with this problem to go through the same thing so I started designing and manufacturing custom hair systems.

What did you do before you started Le Metric hair loss solutions?

I’ve been involved in the beauty business for quire some time. Prior to LeMetric, I worked at Revlon in NYC as a makeup artist. That’s where I met Marvin! Later, I moved back to Buffalo to help my father with his construction business.

What is Le Metric’s mission?

LeMetric is devoted to changing women’s lives by helping them with hair thinning or hair loss. We do not allow hair to paralyze our lives. LeMetric’s hair solutions manifest the confidence and inner beauty within all women.

How have you seen your clients change over the years?

Every client who leaves my shop walks away with an exuberant confidence! Their hair changes their mood, their esteem, their life!

Are FOF women paying more attention to their hair?

Absolutely because the changes in their hair are more apparent. Even if they are not big on changing their hair, they definitely want to maintain it.

How important is hair to a FOF woman?

For most women, your hair affects your confidence at any age. As we age, so does our hair. Our hair loses body and begins to thin, so each hair gradually begins to take up less space on our heads. We can’t grow hair the way we used to at 25, so we have to take extra care of our hair. Whatever your age, your hair can still look wonderful, if you do the right things.

What’s the advantage of real hair vs. synthetic?

This depends on the person’s lifestyle. If she is looking for something fun, short-term, synthetic might be right for her. If she’s looking for something long-term, that she does not want to change often, then real hair is a better fit. In addition, real hair will certainly last longer and you can do more to it (LeMetric’s hair can be cut and colored). Synthetic won’t last more than a few months and will need to be replaced. The amount of money you spend in one year replacing synthetic hair will be the same you spend on one piece with real hair that you will use over a few years. Spending on real hair is actually an investment!

What makes your hair pieces unique?

Our hair systems are manufactured with the finest quality European hair, using only natural fiber materials. We do not use glue, bonding or fusion. We offer non-invasive, undetectable, permanent or semi-permanent hair loss solutions. Each hair system is custom to the client’s hair color, texture, density, length, style and particular hair loss needs.

How long do they last?

Approximately two to three years if it is properly maintained. Each individual strand is sewn in to the custom-designed hair solution one at a time, creating a system that can be integrated into your existing hair either permanently or semi-permanently. For women with alopecia totalis or those who have undergone chemotherapy, we have water-soluble attachments as well. Unlike extensions that need to be replaced every few months, LeMetric allows your hair style to be changeable. You can switch up the color or cut.

Are most of your clients from NY area or have you seen a growth in business from women outside of NY?

Our clients are from all over the country. Those outside NY come in for a consultation for a customized piece, and we help find a salon that will maintain their hair in their area.

What are five things a woman must always do with her hair to keep it looking great?

1. Get a trim every 4-8 weeks
2. Wash your hair more often if you have oily hair.
3. Always condition it.
4. Limit use of harsh chemicals (relaxers, perms, etc.)
5. Have a good eating diet. Hair is part of protein!

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