Meet Jackie Talmo

Location: New York, NY
Age: 56
Marital Status: Married
Education: Fashion Institute of Technology, New York

Jackie Talmo, 56, is an interior designer. She’s married; one daughter. Graduate of Fashion Institute of Technology in New York. A bathing suit designer for a dozen years, Jackie always loved doing her home, until her hobby evolved into a full-time profession. “People started recommending me all over,” she says. Now Jackie has her own interior design firm, Jackie Talmo Décor, and she travels across the country turning interiors into works of art, from traditional to contemporary.  Her personal style is consistent: “Easy going, crisp, modern and natural.”

Who influenced your style most?

My mother and her sisters. My mom loved to dress me every time there was a family occasion.  She had good taste and I was her little doll. My aunts let me play in their fabulous closets, which were filled with sparkly dresses and high-heeled shoes.

How has it changed over the years?

I wore Pappagallo preppy in high school in Wilmington, DE.  Now I mix classics with current looks, like a dressy jacket with jeans.

I love cashmere sweaters, scarves wrapped around my neck, shawls, and mixing sophisticated colors.

Favorite designers and shops?

Yeohlee, Calvin Klein Collection, Ports, BGBG Collection, J Crew. Saks, sample sales and Lord & Taylor.

Favorite Items?

I prefer good pieces that I will love to wear for years, like my Max Mara alpaca coat and Chloe cashmere pencil skirt.

My Cartier Pasha watch.  It’s chunky but simple and elegant.

Your inspiration?

My husband centers me when I fly away. He believes in me.

Greatest indulgence?

Diamond stud earrings.

Beauty routine?

Patricia Wexler MD skin care products. A pedicure every three weeks because I walk around the city so much.

Favorite restaurants in New York?

Salt in Tribeca has great fish; upstairs at The Fairway Market for wonderful sandwiches at lunch. Everything’s always fresh.

George and Louise in the Marais in Paris. Tiny, stark and where the locals go. The family that owns it is a little crazy.

Why do you prefer Butterfly Salon?

It’s a girlie salon with great energy. I used to color my hair but I got sick of coloring my my roots every three weeks.  Now my grey hair is a trademark. People stop me in the street about it. Dana does a great job.

Signature lipstick?

Always Armani. They pick the colors that work with my hair.

Signature perfume?

Jo Malone White Jasmine and Mint.

Wise home decorating tips?

Create an interior view by deciding the first area you see when you walk into a room, then arrange your best furniture and favorite accessories in that area to set an excellent tone for the room.

Paint the walls in one room and then use the same color in a fabric or vase in the next room. You’ll get a wonderful flow of color as you move through your home.

Do you have a favorite home décor store?

Mecox in New York because they mix fresh design with traditional and great antiques.  It all comes together in a fabulous cozy look.

Plantation in LA for custom furniture and great accessories including trays and lamps.  Comfortable California style.

Great book you’ve read?

All the books by Alexander Dumas. I’m infatuated with France and they give me some connection.  I just loved The Man in the Iron Mask.

Secret favorite spot in New York?

The Cipriani balcony at Grand Central station for people watching. It’s so majestic since they cleaned it up. I love seeing the quintessential energy of New York there.

How do you rejuvenate?

Look at beautiful shops or spend a day at the beach.

Passion Project?

My current projects and the next new client and the new design that will come out of it.

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