Linda Ambler

Location: Los Gatos, CA
Age: Over 50
Marital Status: Married
Education: Willow Glen Cosmetology School, Vidal Sassoon Academy in San Francisco, London, and Santa Monica, Llongueras Academy in Spain, Bumble and Bumble University in New York

Linda and Dustin opened their first salon together in 2001, when Dustin was just 20 years old. Since then, they’ve doubled the salon’s size and purchased a larger location. “My life is blessed,” Linda says. “We both work very hard, and he’s a natural talent.” She’s also persevered through incredible challenges: Linda’s first husband died when she was just 24 years old, and Linda worked fulltime to support her two children. She has since remarried—Dustin set her up with a friend’s father.

When she isn’t working, Linda is working out–two hours a day. No surprise then that she prefers form-fitting clothing to showcase the fruits of her labor. And if Linda hesitates to find the word for her look, her husband is not as shy: “She is five feet of dynamite. Anyplace we go, Linda lights up the room.”

How would you define your style?

Stylish, sexy and fun! I don’t like anything old-looking or frumpy. I love to dress up.

Where do you like to shop for clothes?

A few boutiques in Los Gatos, as well as Bebe’s and Cache. These stores carry fun, contemporary clothing that also fits my petite frame.

Favorite accessories?

Chanel purses. I have a collection of about 9! I love my diamonds and my emerald.

As a hair stylist, how do you help your 50+ clients lose the frumpy look?

Well, I do my best to get their hairstyle to change, to look more updated. I encourage those to maybe cut it a bit shorter for a sassy look or grow their hair, possibly add some extensions for a sultry look. Most of all, I set the example.

Who colors your hair?

Anyone in the salon. Dustin’s the only one who cuts it. Right now it’s long and chemically straightened.

Do you want to go shorter?

Done that already! Not going there in the near future. I’m ready for some long extensions!

Do you think shorter is usually better for older women?

I think it depends on your style. It’s really about your style, not your age.

Who influences your style?

The women from Sex in the City! I came from a very, very poor family. I wanted to be better dressed, have better style. I got my first job in a salon in Los Gatos, a very prestigious little town. I was a kid–18 years old–and I’m seeing these women with beautiful style and thinking, I want to look like that.

Give me some great color advice for a woman over 50.

When you’re over 50, your color needs to look more natural. If you try and put funky reds, blues or greens it’s going to make you look older. We’ve always been told that lighter is better but that ashy, white, over-processed blonde color can really harden your features. You need to warm up your tones. You can go lighter, but go natural.

Do you have a signature perfume?

I love Gucci.

What’s your beauty routine?

I’ve been focusing on my skin since I was in my early 20s. I’m very strict about my face. I use La Mer Face Cream as well as Jan Marini’s Transformation Cream and the Age Intervention Booster. I like that it’s results-based and keeps my skin glowing. I also use Retin-A, glycolic acid and vitamin C from my dermatologist.

What shampoo do you recommend for women who are older?

Kerastase. You actually get results. It moisturizes and adds shine which is great for over-50 hair which can start to lack luster and vitality.


What’s your favorite restaurant in Los Gatos?

Dio Deka. Excellent food, Greek influenced. I like their fish and the Greek salad.

How do you rejuvenate?

Rest and exercise. I like to get to bed early. I need a lot of sleep. I do yoga four times a week, weight training two to three times a week, cardio three to four times a week. I love taking long walks and watching movies with my dog and husband. I enjoy getting massages and facials.

Do you have a passion project?

My son and our salon.

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