I am a very large woman, and have problems finding a good affordable bra that fits. Any suggestions ladies?

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  1. LisaFitExpert wrote on :

    Hi – There are several brands that are ideal for full fit/full figure women. Leading Lady is one of my favorites. They provide cotton, no wire and underwire solutions. Go to the site, LeadingLady.Com, and plug in your size in the search bar. Remember, correct size is imperative, so make sure your size is correct prior to ordering. Feel free to email me if you want more suggestions, LisaFitExpert@aol.com. Best, LC

  2. redAllison wrote on :

    Have you gone to Lady Grace to be fit? As far as I know, they have a wide range of sizes and should be able to fit you appropriately. Your problem makes me think of my grandmother who was a corsetier. She would take garments and sew/adjust them so that they fit each woman perfectly. Too bad that kind of customization no longer exists. I think Lady Grace is your best bet. Among affordable brands that have larger sizes, Playtex and Lillyette, I believe, have the widest selection of larger sizes. Good luck

    • WardsGirl wrote on :

      Thanks so much, I live in a very rural area, I will look up Lady Grace online to see if I can find a location. I appreciate your help. I would be in heaven if I had someone like your grandmother to help me.

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