What’s the best way to cook a steak?

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  1. Teri Newman wrote on :

    It depends on how you like it. I like mine Pittsburgh which is burnt and raw. However for a nice medium rare steak take a 1 inch steak, season and put in a hot pan and sear both sides quickly. Place pan in 350 degree oven for ten minutes and it will be perfect.

  2. Teri Newman wrote on :

    Turn the grill on high, season the steak on both sides. Grill over high heat until about to burn and then flip. Repeat and then lower the heat to cook to desired degree of doneness. This gives you a nice grilled flavor.

  3. shari nicsevic wrote on :

    Along with all of the great info offered on steak cooking… I love using a cast iron skillet at a high temp to sear outside!

  4. Carolyn Wispe Burns wrote on :

    Get an instant read thermometer! You will always know when your meat is exactly how you like it no matter how it is prepared. I do not eat read meat any more, but grilled is always the best. Heightshike’s comment is right on!

  5. Geri Brin wrote on :

    Hi Apple Pie,
    Great tips. Thanks so much.

  6. Joan Ross wrote on :

    So to answer a question on the best way to cook a steak.

    First of all it depends on the cut of meat. Steaks from the rib area are always more tender than say from the shoulder or more muscle meat areas.

    Less tender steaks could require marinating in some kind of liquid such as wine or oil and balsamic vinegar etc such as a London broil or skirt steak.

    Always let meat come to room temperature. Cold meats don’t cook as well as room temperature ones

    Season with salt and pepper prior to cooking since salt pulls out any moisture.

    I prefer to grill steak on an outdoor grill or a heavy duty pan on the stove.

    One can also us a quality non stick pan.

    Be sure to let the meat sear well on one side before turning it over. This form a crust and seals in the juices.

    To tell for doneness: Use the finger press test. Spongy to the finger tip press, means the steak is not completely cooked, firm means it’s well done. Or rely on an instant meat thermometer.

    I prefer steak such as tenderlion, rib eye, porterhouse etc. And since I don’t eat steak all the time, I buy top quality meat.

    Sometimes, free range, grass fed may not be as tender as the corn fed beef or as well marbled with fat.

    So cooking great steaks all depends on cut, quality, cooking methods etc.

  7. Victoria Salti Wilson wrote on :

    I am not a huge steak fan, but I made this steak for my husband and he just loved it. I liked how easy it was. Normally, we have it grilled.
    Porterhouse Steak (or any other good cut)
    Olive Oil to lightly Coat
    Freshly Ground Salt & Pepper
    1 Lemon (Juice of)
    Take the steak out of the Fridge 2 hours prior to cooking (so its at room temperature).
    Season the steak with freshly ground Salt & Pepper
    Heat the BBQ or Frying Pan to VERY HOT.
    Lightly Coat the steak with olive oil, removing any excess before cooking.
    Cook on one side
    Turning only once, cook on the other until cooked as desired.
    If on a BBQ remove to a dish and cover with pasley and lemon Juice (also more Salt & Pepper if desired).
    Cover with Alfoil and allow to sit for 5 min in a warm spot (next to BBQ).
    If cooking in a pan, turn off the heat and cover with Parsley, Lemon Juice, Salt and Pepper.
    Cover and leave to sit for 5 min.
    Put onto Plate and cover with the juices from the Pan/Dish.

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