How do you keep a ganache from separating? (or what do you do after it does?!)

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  1. Marcia Robinson wrote on :

    Use small saucepan & bring heavy cream to a boil. Remove pan from heat. Stir in chocolate. Stir mixture until chocolate is melted & texure is smooth. Pour over cake, etc. & spread to even out. Let it drip on the sides. Refrigerate. Never had it separate. Don’t overboil cream.

  2. Joan Ross wrote on :

    Use heavy cream and bring to a boil. Remove from heat This is then slowly poured over chocolate which has been finely chopped and placed in a bowl.

    Whisk smooth gradually.

    One may pour this over for a glaze, or let cool to the consistency of toothpaste for spreading, or chilled till soft to make truffles.

    Sometimes corn syrup is added to enhance the shine or as well as a little unsalted butter which adds mouth feel and terxture.

    Also a bit of liquer can be added for flavor.

    Ganache if not used right away is allowed to be cooled and refrigerated.

    To use again, slowly reheat ( I use the micro ) and whisk well

    If any separation, stir in a little cold heavy cream and whisk smoothly.

    Some people like to use a hand or stick blender to mix the cream and chocolate for even blending. Ganache should have the texture of mayonnaise

    A basic recipe is to use equal parts of heavy cream and semi sweet chocolate

    So remember, use hot heavy cream
    chocolate chopped finely
    whisk gradually
    Reheat gently and add some cold heavy cream if separation occurs when reheating

    • Lina Perl wrote on :

      Wow, this is such an amazing answer! thank you….I was making cupcakes this weekend and my ganache just would not work. next time, I’ll try your method! L

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