I am wondering about food bloggers on Fab 50 living in NewYork City. I would love to get a group of women together to share recipes, meetup groups, restaurants, etc.

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  1. norma torres wrote on :

    My blog disappeared and I lost 13 months of work and followers. I am now going with Wodpress and will be back on track hopefully mid May and will contact you so that you can follow and get to know each other. At that time we can start planning food get togethers. Platanos, Mangoes and Me!

  2. zeldie stuart wrote on :

    That would be awesome! count me in!

  3. harriet BRAND wrote on :

    would enjoy that

  4. norma torres wrote on :

    my e-mail address is norma823@aol.com
    my blog is http://www.platanosmangoes.com

    • Sharon Nord wrote on :

      I’m not a food blogger but, love food and love to talk about food.

  5. E.D. Green wrote on :

    Good idea.

  6. karen mazza wrote on :

    Would love to

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