I would appreciate any information fellow members can give me on minimizer bras WITHOUT wires!

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  1. Kelly Yamauchi wrote on :

    Underwires are definitely a great invention but they are not for everyBODY.
    Underwires in DD cup size and up do not provide as much support as a soft cup bra with support panels built into the cups. These panels provide more support because they have more surface area in contact with the underside of the breasts to hold them up. Wire-free bras are a supremely comfortable solution for almost all women, but especially those with size DD cups or larger, and who have curvy or petite figures. I also want to make it clear that minimizer bras do not truly mimimize your breasts. Basically they more or less flatten them, positioning the breast tissue to the sides towards your armpits. Thus the breasts appear wider and less pointy or full. In terms of bra recommendations, there are several really great wire-free bras out there to choose from–some minimizing and some not. With the right support and fit, you may find you don’t require a minimizing bra. My suggestion is go to a reputable store like Nordstroms and get a professional fit first, most of us don’t know our true size. Recommending a particular bra style is like recommending a hairstylist…it doesn’t always work out because just as everybody’s hair is different–everybody’s boobs are definitely different! Anyway, it used to be that underwires ruled the lingerie department but lingerie manufacturers understand there is a huge demand for wireless bras and they now make many great looking, sexy soft cup bras even in minimizer styles.

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