Need a recommendation for a restaurant in NYC , going to an matinee and dinner after.
thanks rosiey

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  1. Jaki Scarcello wrote on :

    Try this website for restaurant recommendations in any city . I have found amazing places using ChowHound
    My rec. for NYC is Tabla or the Bread Bar at Tabla, more casual
    Indian fusion food , fanatastic
    11 Madison Ave., New York, NY 10010 40.741561 -73.987459
    at 25thST

  2. Rose Soriero wrote on :

    So many great choices, thank for all the suggestions.

  3. Alexis Marnel wrote on :

    As someone else suggested Marseilles is great. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Orso’s – an italian restaurant which is great for bway theater star peeping. Orso’s definitely requires a reservation and is a tad expensive but worth it. 322 W. 46th Street 212-489-7212. I also frequent Uncle Nick’s Ouzaria (there is also a restaurant next door but go to the OUzaria, which is essentially greek tapas or what we call “meze”). It is on 9th between 50th and 51st.

  4. eleanore wells wrote on :

    Hi, As you know, NYC has many fantastic restaurants. So that I can give you a great answer, it would help if you’d give me a bit more detail: what kind of food do you like, what’s an approximate price range, and what kind of atmosphere do you like? With this information, I can recommend something that satisfies your desires!

  5. Marcia Robinson wrote on :

    Rosiey, how silly of me. Forgot to give you the name which is Marseille.

  6. Marcia Robinson wrote on :

    Hi Rosiey, Depends ond were you’ll be (theatre district) and about what you want to spend perperson. There’s a nice restaurant on 9th Ave. (44-45 Sts.). French-Med fare & should run app. $49 per person including a drink, tax & tip. Have eaten there several times pre-theatre. If you’re thinking about going elsewhere, let me know. Web site is http://www.marseillesnyc.com. You migh be able to make a reservation there.

  7. Sara Wald wrote on :

    If you don’t have a huge budget and don’t mind walking about 10 minutes – I LOVE Kashkaval on 9th Avenue between 55th and 56th st. It’s a real “insider” spot. It’s a cheese shop in the front and a bar/restaurant in the back. It’s super romantic and the food is delicious. It’s Middle Easter tapas – think dips, spreads, hummus, fondues , etc. Great wine selection.
    Their website doesn’t do it justice but if you want to see a menu: http://kashkavalfoods.com/

    I also love Room Service for thai food on 9th Ave between 47th St and 48th St. Affordable, chic and delicious.

  8. Robin Roth wrote on :

    One of my favorite kind of days in NYC 🙂 When we took friends from out of town to the theater during Christmas week, we went to Lattanzi on “restaurant row,” 361 West 46th Street between 8th & 9th Aves. Everyone enjoyed a different Italian dish, along with the warm, intimate atmosphere and attentive service. Not inexpensive (but not outrageously priced for Manhattan); our party of 7 was completely satisfied.
    http://www.lattanzinyc.com Reservations can be made online.

  9. E.D. Green wrote on :

    If your in the mood for Italian food, I suggest Tony’s di Napoli on 43 St east of Broadway. The food is wonderful and your right in the Theatre District.

  10. Jyl Ferris wrote on :

    Mediterranean, Middle Eastern | West 50s 773 10th Ave. (52nd St.)
    Manhattan, NY

    Italian Southern, Seafood | West 40s 402 W. 43rd St. (9th Ave.)
    Manhattan, NY

  11. Lina Perl wrote on :

    If you’re in the theatre district and you like sushi, there’s an amazing place called Sushi of Gari 46 (347 West 46th Street, b/t 8th & 9th Aves). I went there with my husband for our anniversary and it was absolutely fabulous. We ordered the “Chef’s choice”–best sushi we’ve had. If you don’t like sushi, i can recommend something else!

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