Where oh where can I find a good supportive bra for a halter dress!

4 Answers

  1. Kay Fletcher wrote on :

    My easy solution has always been to use Maidenform NuBra, a silicone strapless bra. It sticks to your skin and works great. I’ve also used the self stick tape, but I’m not a large cup size.

  2. Renee Robinson wrote on :

    Try abra4me.com online. They have a great selection of bras for the bustier woman and for different dress needs.

  3. Kelly Yamauchi wrote on :

    Well, I, personally, can’t recommend any strapless bras because I find them to be very uncomfortable. There are convertible bras on which you can change the position of the straps to accommodate a halter. The problem with them is they tend to dig into your neck and can cause muscle strain and may lead to headaches. If you are an A or B cup, you should be fine but if you are a C or larger, to get the lift you desire, the straps are usually pulled pretty tight and that is what leads to the discomfort issues. I recommend silicone shapers, or adhesive bras. There are oodles of them on the market. Try to find one that lifts and shapes. There are a variety of different styles out there and it really depends on your size since a lot of the companies don’t make anything for women above a cup size C. I recommend checking out http://www.bringitup.com for great adhesive bra options. I work with this company and find their products to be of high quality. They also offer options for women sized D and larger. Adhesive cups/bras usually just cup the breast, but Bring It Up products have a patented lifting method as well. With the sag that I have going on, I need the lift as well as the shaping effects. If you decide to go with a conventional bra that is convertible, I would be sure to go to a Nordstrom or other specialty shop to get a good fit and make sure that the strap that goes around your doesn’t produce too much pressure. Whatever you choose, I am sure that you will look stunning in your summer halter, but make sure you make comfort and fit your #1 priority!

  4. Geri Brin wrote on :

    nordstrom’s has great bra fitting experts. where do you live?

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