Where’s a good place for a grey haired lady to take a hip 30-something male for lunch?

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  1. Marcia Robinson wrote on :

    The Lower East Side is the place to go & be seen although you’ve gotten some excellent suggestions. Try Apizze (Italian) on Eldridge St., Macondo on Houston St. , WD-50 on Clinton, and if you’re into Chinese, try Chinatown Brassiere on Lafayette. Hope any of the suggestions work out for you and the “hip 30-something male.”

  2. eleanore wells wrote on :

    Lots of great places to jazz up that dynamic. Try Pastis, SD26 (bar area or restaurant), Cafe Cluny, Nuela…just to name a few. Have fun!

  3. karen mazza wrote on :

    I love Blue Water Grill in Union Square. Great food, great location and great looking people without being pretencious

  4. Allyson Curtin wrote on :

    The Melting Pot! Awesome fondue with meat, fish and chocolate…right at your table!

  5. Alexis Marnel wrote on :

    Eataly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Eataly all the way!!!! there are 7 restaurants inside Eataly (make reservations) and amongst the restaurants are various fresh markets. It’s a mix of tourists and new york foodies. I refer to it as Foodie Theatre

  6. Robin Roth wrote on :

    Great question! To narrow the choices a bit, may I ask if you have preferred neighborhoods, at least to the extent of uptown, downtown, midtown, east side or west?

  7. Geri Brin wrote on :

    Blue Ribbon Bakery

  8. Jeanna Hofmeister wrote on :

    Well, first off, I have to say I like your style! I can only assume from the way your question is framed that you’re looking to impress said 30-something man. I always like to surprise the men in my life. So make it something unexpected. Taco truck picnic? Great coffee, you bring the baked goods? Maybe, if it’s professional, find a hip diner. You live in Anthony Bourdain’s city. His blog should clue you into a ton of swell spots.

  9. Lina Perl wrote on :

    wendysam, I have a feeling YOU should be a NY restaurant guru . . . 🙂 But if I had to make a recommendation, I’d say Cafe Cluny or August in the West Village. Both are cool but not overly loud and crazy. (in other words, not TOO hip).

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