where to meet active guys

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6 Answers

  1. ambianz@earthlink.net wrote on :

    Even if you don’t live near mountains, join a ski club. The age bracket of people in ski clubs is older, and the members are active, fit, and healthy and they usually enjoy having fun. Ski clubs also host lots of social events throughout the year. I’ve noticed a lot of single women joining the ski club to meet guys, but if you don’t participate–they won’t take you seriously.

  2. rrjwj wrote on :

    At someplace you may find someone who will share your same interests. Such as a bowling alley, genealogy club, wine tasting etc. Opposites may attract but its a harder relationship for sure. R

  3. Belinda Boyles wrote on :

    Join a gym that specializes in Weight Lifting and Training ( NOT a girly gym). Take a Martial Arts class. Take Golf lessons. Find a Rock Climbing Wall in your area and go learn to climb it. Focus on finding active things YOU like to do, and look for the men there.

  4. Cheryl Savage wrote on :

    Dear FOF,
    A number of active guys FOF enjoy cycling. Find out where these guys in your area go after their Saturday morning ride. Most of the guys I know, who cycle goes to coffee cafes. Join a hiking, running, walking, skiing, or cycling group on the weekends. However, it’s much more than just showing up to these groups. You must be the one with the big smile, making eye contact, ask questions about the sport, and most of all have FUN. Men love women who are having fun and enjoy the same sport.

  5. Sara Wald wrote on :

    Check out this article you may find it helpful: http://faboverfifty.com/wstyleblog.php/?p=2914

    FabOverFifty dating coach, Cheryl Savage suggests golf course bars and restaurants, car shows, sports bars and bike riding groups among other things

  6. shari nicsevic wrote on :

    Join a meet-up group! Look on-line in your area. I joined a meet-up for hiking – not for dating – yet it was a perfect compliment to my active life! You will meet plenty of new people and even if the guy you’re hoping to connect with isn’t in that group, you may meet through a new friend!

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