I am coming to NYC next week. I am always on the lookout for some great discount shopping …any good recommendations out there? I love a super bargain

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  1. kate60 wrote on :


  2. ruta fox wrote on :

    Daffy’s has some great finds
    ..Loehmnan’s is great too on 17th and 7th.

  3. jb2 wrote on :

    you can also try Marshalls and TJ max.

  4. Erica Rothstein wrote on :

    I think the best bargain is the Eileen Fisher outlet in Secaucus, right across the river from NYC (you can take a bus from Port Authority). The best thing besides the fantastic bargains is that there is no sales tax (which you will have to pay at Woodbury Commons).

  5. Robin Colner wrote on :

    I love a bargain as well. If you like the thrill of the hunt, New York City sample sales offer the opportunity to score great finds at great prices. Many of the sales are held in midtown and organized by Soiffer Haskins. Check New York Magazine or the website, TheVogueCity.com to find out the sales happening during a particular week. Wear comfortable shoes and expect to fight the crowds. Another one of my favorite finds is the Elie Tahari Company Store located at 510 Fifth Avenue (43rd Street). I buy Elie Tahari basic pieces and trendy leather blazers to wear with my other outfits. You can find merchandise from the current season for at least 20% off. This means you don’t have to wait for the department store markdowns. Shopping at NYC department stores can still be a thrilling experience. Don’t be afraid to chat it up with the sales help and ask them to let you know when you can get your favorite pieces on sale. They may offer to pre-sell you merchandise or hold it for you and send it to you when the price breaks. It never hurts to ask. If you have the time to travel to the suburbs, you must take a trip to Woodbury Commons. It is one of the best premium outlet malls in the country, especially for top of the line designer merchandise including Chanel, Dolce and Gabbana and Gucci. The good news is that you can get an additional discount in many of the stores every Tuesday if you are age 50 or older. Stop at the information desk, show your license, get your 50 Plus Shopper Perks card and shop till you drop.

  6. Sara Wald wrote on :

    Housing Works and Century 21 are great suggestions. In fact, there’s a Housing Works and a whole bunch of other fantastic thrift stores on 23rd st between 2nd and Lexington Aves.

  7. Gina Parker wrote on :

    If you like the higher end thrift shop, there are 10 “Housing Works” shops throughout the city…where you can find awesome items at a fraction of the cost. http://Www.shophousingworks.com You’ll find out store info AND they have online auctions too – I’m addicted to buying handbags on it. I have a Michael Kors bag I got for $45 and a gorgeous Coach tote for $60. I guess some people don’t want to hang on to “last seasons” purse – and they’re basically brand new. You will find everything from Target brand to Louis Vuitton….and books, knick knacks, furniture….Housing Works is a definite “must” whenever I’m in the city – and the money goes to charity, which makes you feel even better shopping there!!

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