I read on Fab Over Fifty recently that women over 50 should use light reflecting make up. Can you suggest some face makeups? It needs to be hypo-allergenic. Thanks.

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  1. Cindy Joseph wrote on :

    Any foundation will reflect light more than bare skin. It makes the skin more or less opaque depending on the formula. Light is then absorbed less. You have to ask yourself if you want your skin to look real or not. Foundations tend to look like fake skin, which is what they are designed to be.
    I find I like a woman with healthy looking skin, rather than unnaturally flawless.
    Of course if you are going to a formal event, a more polished make up look is expected. However, it may look overdone at the grocery store, yoga class or beach.
    If you want a truly smooth even flawless look, I recommend Armani foundations.
    If you want you face to reflect light but not look masked and covered, consider a very light foundation with a bit of shimmer in the formula. That way the skin will stil look alive.

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