Did your stick-straight hair turn wavy after menopause? How did you deal with it?

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  1. sharon villalobos wrote on :

    I found that wavier hair looks fuller and actually makes me look younger. Blunt cuts without too many layers look great nad the best thing is using a mousse on towel dried hair scrunching and air drying. It looks like you spent hours in the salon. I happen to love bone straight hair which all my family has except me. I blow dry and use a flat iron on my ends. Always use a heat protectant (I like CHI products) first It lasts at least 3 daysif I don’t work out. However if your hair is thinning like mine is, please be very careful since it really makes it obvious. I hope this helps

  2. ellegria wrote on :

    YES! I have grown it out to past my shoulders and always dry it naturally. After gently towel-drying my hair, I use a curl softener product, turn my head upside down and scrunch in the product. I have naturally oily hair that is quite fine so by turning my head upside down, I’m more easily able to focus the product on the ends and not get any on my scalp. If it gets frizzier during the day, I add a TOUCH more product.

    NEVER use a comb or brush except right before you shower. It takes getting used to but it definitely helps. Lastly, I’ve learned that washing my hair every day no longer is a good thing. But since I still have an oily scalp, I have a problem. My solution is to use a dry shampoo on the “off” days so now I only wash my hair once every 2-3 days. It definitely helps keep the frizz down as my hair usually looks much better the day AFTER I’ve shampooed it.

    Hope that helps just a little.

  3. shellie robin wrote on :

    Mine got wavy way before menopause. I think the grey hairs are contributors too! Wiry and thicker than my regular hair!

  4. MaryKatherine1313 wrote on :

    No, I wish it had though. I have to beg my hair to curl and stay curled!!!

  5. Pat Shepard wrote on :

    I layered my hair to take advantage of my now “wavy” hair. One of the perks of menopause!!

  6. Elline Surianello wrote on :

    We just have to adjust to the change.Sometimes hormones,medication, and simple aging create frustration. The solutions depend on how much it bothers. you.

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