What is the best homemade facial you have had and what does it address?

2 Answers

  1. Gina Parker wrote on :

    Every week I like to give my face a scrub with my regular face cleanser mixed with either a little sugar or oatmeal. It makes for a great exfoliator, just don’t scrub too hard! I also like to use an egg white on my face as a mask. Whisk it up, leave it on till it dries, then rinse. It’s great if you have oily skin and it makes your skin feel nice and tight – especially for the first hour or so after you rinse. It’s like giving yourself a little instant face lift! Then, just use a nice moisturizer, and you’ve given yourself a quick lift for pennies!!

  2. Loraine Alcorn wrote on :

    anti aging the very best one Ive ever used was Lisa Hoffman spa facial you can look it over at this link Lisa Hoffman is the wife of Dustin Hoffman and I love her products

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