Anyone have any experience with selling retired Lladro pieces on the secondary market?

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2 Answers

  1. Marie Galterio wrote on :

    I suggest you go to Ebay and search in “All Categories” for LLadro Retired. Once you are on the Lladro listings check the “Include description” box. This will bring up all the listings for this category. Then go to the “Completed” items list and you’ll find exactly which LLadro pieces sold and for what price. This should give you an idea of what bidders are currently paying for retired pieces and whether it would be worth it for you to list your pieces. Good luck!

  2. Carolyn Wispe Burns wrote on :

    Funny – I need this info too. I just have gone on the LLadro website for info regarding when they were retired and approximate worth. I have catalogued them in a spreadsheet and taken pictures of my mom’s set of clowns so I will be ready when I get the info on how. Good luck I will be checking back to see what anyone has said.

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