After having a hysterectomy and entering menopause, and after having been very lean all my life, I now have such a flabby belly!! I eat well and exercise daily – help!!!

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  1. Staness Jonekos wrote on :

    Oh I so understand your frustration with menopausal belly flab! I workout five times harder just to keep a “tone” belly. That six pack is gone forever. For those body builders out there, a six pack is possible after menopause, but takes incredible determination and time to maintain. For those of us who barely have 30-60 minutes a day to exercise, having a realistic expectation is important. Despite those fluctuating hormones, slower metabolism, and loser skin you can do a few things to help keep your tummy “tone.”

    1. Make sure you are consuming lean protein. Protein creates the thermic effect, helping burn extra calories
    2. Focus on eating low to medium glycemic carbs.
    3. Consume alcohol in moderation. When I am working on toning my tummy, I cut out all alcohol for six weeks.
    4. Keep up the good work exercising daily – I am impressed! Interval training is a great way to blast calories.
    5. Are you doing ab exercises daily? I rotate different ab exercises 4 days a week and attend matt pilates classes for that extra push.
    6. I own a few Spanx body contouring products to help with my jello-belly. Even though I have tone muscles under my loser skin, I too hate that flab, and Spanx can save the day!


    It takes more exercise and eating properly after menopause just to keep a “tone” belly.

    Focus on good health as you have,and embrace that your body has gone through changes.

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