I have gained a lot more weight over the last few years ,so what brand or type of bra would have some decent support but please still have a decent comfort level and maybe not cost $100 ?

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  1. Kelly Yamauchi wrote on :

    Hi Greyfilly,
    As part of my real job (I am in marketing for an adhesive bra accessory company) I have been researching offering our products on a site lately called Woman Within. I suggest you check their website out. I like a brand called Aviana and on Woman Within they offer their Seamless Minimizer bra for $55. It is a really nice support bra that is a minimizer but does not FLATTEN the breasts like some minimizers do. Anyway, on Woman Within they are offering “40% off your highest priced item” so that is a nice savings–especially because as you mentioned–good bras are EXPENSIVE these days! Hope this helps!

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