I’ve noticed many age spots appearing on my arms and legs, any magic cures to make them go away?

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  1. Staness Jonekos wrote on :

    You are not alone. Many women get brown spots during pregnancy, while taking birth control pills or during menopause due to the reaction of hormones or medications, and the biggest offender – the sun.

    If you have been exposed to the sun, are taking medications and/or going through hormone fluctuations, you have options to regain and keep your healthy glow:

    —Prevention, prevention, prevention: Use sunscreen and wear a hat when outside.
    —Skin-lightening creams (prescribed 4% hydroquinone creams; over-the-counter 2% hydroquinone creams, —Porcelana and Esoterica; these options take time to show results).
    –Use a tretinoin topical (acid form of vitamin A, the generic term for the medication Retin-A). Other brand names: Rejuva-A, Retisol-A and Renova.
    —Laser therapy.
    —Intense pulsed light (IPL).
    —Chemical peels.
    —Exfoliate using a glycolic acid.
    —Eat antioxidant foods: yellow veggies, blueberries, cherries, blackberries and fresh fruits.
    —Use antioxidant facial products.

  2. Sue Mills wrote on :

    Hi there, I have started to use a vitamin oil on my face, chest, arms and legs since a Dr recommended it to me after a surgery for scarring. I noticed the bottle said was also good for aging skin and gave it a try. I get so many compliments now on my skin tone, i can see a difference and so can others. I recommend asking your local pharmicist about this.

    Cheers Bella!

    • Rose Soriero wrote on :

      It’s good to know that your results are noticed by others.

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