IM feeling that Im looking older than I am How can makeup an skincare make me look good for my age?

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  1. Donna Fitzpatrick wrote on :

    Our skin cells rejuvenate themselves every 7 days when we are younger. Now that we’re over 45 it may take 28-30 days for our skin to grow new cells to the surface. The secret is to exfoliate, several times a week. Whether it be with a soft brush, soft facecloth, microdermabrasion, etc. The reason this works is because the first three layers of our skin are like cornflakes, raisins and then grapes. The newer skin is on the bottom, the grapes, then the middle layer is like raisins because they have dried out from grapes. The top layer is the like cornflakes, hard and tired and dry looking. This is what makes our skin look dull as we get ‘older and wiser’. But you can try several different kinds of microdermabrasion; everything from 3 visits at $150 each visit at the dermatologist to the $200 Clairisonic set or the softer versions where you can purchase a softer rotating buffer and use a light chemical peel pad and buffing creams. There are many kinds you can find even at Walmart. IF you have sensitive skin you should only do it once a week and work up to 2 – 3 times a week to see how your skin reacts. Some microderm creams are grainy and some are creamy, I’d advise the creamy ones to start and see how it works for you.
    Once you get the hang of exfoliating your skin will be baby soft and bright again and any make up or skincare product will go on your skin and do a much better job as it has healthier skin to work on.,
    Good luck, Donna in South Carolina

  2. traceybrown wrote on :

    The key to looking younger when you are feeling older is to lighten up and brighten up. With makeup, less is more. Use double duty products that lighten and brighten skin. For skin care, again, double duty products are they key. Be sure to use products that make your skin glow.

    Your ideal skin care routine:
    Cleanse— morning and night with a gentle cleanser. My favorites are Ole Henriksen African Red Tea Cleanser and Vapour Organic Beauty Cleansing oil. Both of these clean the skin amazingly well without stripping it of natural oils.

    Treat—morning with a Vitamin C product. I love vitamin C serums because they are antioxidants that contain a plethora of benefits. They brighten they skin and even texture. They also help with hyperpigmentation, a common problem in hormonal skin. Vitamin c also encourages collagen production. I’m sure we can stipulate that we need that after 50!
    Brands that I love: Ole Henriksen Truth Serum, Dr. Brandt C Serum, Murad C serum, Obagi, Avalon Organics – and there are many more out there, but these are ones that I have personally used.
    Note: You only need to apply a vitamin c product once per day, as it stays in the skin for 24 hours.

    Treat – night with a retinol product. Vitamin a or retinol (various spellings) helps to resurface the skin by thinning the layers. It also helps other products penetrate better. If you are new to retinols then start slow with a drugstore brand (Roc, Neutrogena, LaRoche-Posay, Vichy) or Help Me by Philosophy. You can then progress to more active formulas from Peter Thomas Roth, DermaDoctor and Dr. Dennis Gross.

    Moisturize – ALWAYS use a moisturizer with an SPF. If not, then layer an SPF of at least 30 over your moisturizer. Brands I love:
    LaRoche Posay
    Ole Henriksen

    Exfoliate – As we age the natural process of shedding outer layers of skin slows down. By the time we hit our 50s its practically standing still in the water. I am an exfoliating junkie. Try to exfoliate at least twice a week. My favorites:
    Alba Botanica Acai Gentle Renewal Scrub
    DermaDoctor Physica Chemistry
    Your Best Face Prep
    Ole Henriksen Sugar Glow Face Scrub
    Black Opal Brightening Scrub Mask – a drugstore BEST!

    Always eye cream:
    Victoria McGill
    LaRoche Posay

    For makeup, again less is more. Unless you have serious problems to cover, use a tinted moisturizer for day. These products are triple duty—coverage, SPF and moisturizer:
    Laura Mercier
    Fusion Beauty (My new love)
    Josie Maran (best for natural beauty)
    Smashbox (lots of color)

    Concealer—cover the darkness in your corners of your eyes, PLEASE! Every woman over 20 needs concealer.
    Mary Kay – best bang for your buck and it’s almost professional strength
    Make Up For Ever – covers the hardest to budge darkness
    Clinique – great selection
    Laura Geller Crease Less — relaxes lines and illuminates

    Cream blush – We need color over 50, so don’t forget the blush. I love the following:
    CoverGirl/Olay Ageless
    NARS Multiples
    Vapour Beauty Aura Multi Use blush
    Fusion Beauty Sculpting Blush

    Lips—If your lips are losing their contour, try a plumping lipgloss with COLOR. Avoid dark lipsticks like the plague. They can make your lips looks smaller and they make you look hard and older! Look for a rose or pink with a brown undertone that emulates the color of a natural lip. If you use lipstick, look for glossy formulas that hydrate lips.
    Try Fusion Beauty Lip Fusion Color Shine
    Buxom Buxom lips
    Too Faced Lip Glamour Gloss
    Your choice—just keep it hydrating, creamy, glossy and natural to bright in color.

  3. Loraine Alcorn wrote on :

    My best advice it to start a skin care routine and stick with it – In the morning I wash my face apply a serum apply a day cream with SPF 25 or higher , let that dry and apply makeup – in the evening I remove makeup and I use a 7 day scrub face wash and than do the night creams and eye creams . exfoliation is very important to do I like clinique’s 7 day scrub because its gentle enough to use every day . than once a week I use a more abrasive scrub like philosophies microdermabrasion . keeping skin looking younger at my age takes a ton of work and sometime I do not feel like messing with it but I invented a motto to remind me -take the time or time will take it . this keeps me on track and doing my routine regardless of how I feel or how much time I have . as far as makeup goes I go for a more natural look with tinted moisturizers and not heavy foundations , I say away from shimmer powders as they can make you look older . keep eyeshadow to neutral tones browns and pinks and with lipsticks stay aways from bright reds or reds in general the darker the lipstick the older I look so I go with pinks and glosses . also I use eye liner sparingly because you do not want to draw attention to eye areas if you have wrinkles so I use it on my upper eye lid only and very rarely on the bottom . if I do put it on the bottom I put it inside the lower eye lid in a nice brown . keeping makeup clean and simple goes a long way to looking younger . its been my experience that the heavier the makeup as we get older the older we look . what worked for us at 20 or 30 will not work at 50

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