No matter what I do my skin looks dull! What am I doing wrong?

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  1. Staness Jonekos wrote on :

    Most women notice one or more of the many skin changes that happen during the menopause transition. Some of these are caused by aging, others by diminishing hormones after menopause, and still others by lifestyle choices such as sun exposure and smoking.

    To maintain overall healthy skin, experts recommend the following:

    -Drink plenty of water — it’s important to keep skin hydrated.
    -Avoid smoking — it’s one of the primary causes of skin wrinkling.
    -Avoid excess coffee, tea, and caffeinated soft drinks — their diuretic action decreases hydration.
    -Avoid excessive alcohol consumption.
    -Get adequate exercise and sleep.
    -Avoid stress.
    -Smile! Underlying muscle mass acts as a skin filler to reduce sagging, especially on the face; exercising the facial muscles will add bulk.
    -Manage stress
    -Make time for pampering
    -Enjoy a professional facial. Consider updating your skin care routine.
    -We are what we eat. If you need a nutritional makeover make an appointment with a professional dietitian.

    I had terrible menopause symptoms, including a dull complexion. Once I start HT, I started to FEEL better, and my skin looked healthier. We are all different, if you are suffering from uncomfortable menopause symptoms, discuss options with your doctor. A visit to a dermatologist may provide answers too.

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