Anyone have any good recipes for low-salt dishes?

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  1. Joan Ross wrote on :

    As a retired Rn, I can advise this:
    read labels for sodium content ( things such as breakfast cereals, canned soups, cold cuts, breakfast meats, cheeses, snack foods, etc have a ton of sodium)
    So Avoid prepared and packaged foods
    limit your eating out at restaurants/fast food
    do not place a salt shaker on your table
    Use fresh, frozen produce over canned
    Spice up your foods with fresh and dried herbs( rosemary, curry, cilantro, parsley, . Use fresh squeezed lemon juice, balsamic vinegar etc etc
    Try some sodium free spices blends such as Mrs Dash salt free blend

    There is no one special salt free recipe as you soon will find out.

    Fresh herbs and citrus juices will become your friends!

    Before you know it, you will not miss the taste of salt

  2. Carolyn Wispe Burns wrote on :

    I have been eating low sodium dishes for a long time. I just stopped adding salt and use what “kdivasilver” said. I use a lot of herbs and garlic and a variety of pepper. I love flavored vinegars and olive oil. It may take some time to get use to a lower salt diet, but it is soooo worth it. Go to a spice company where you can try different spices and where they can suggest great combinations.

  3. Cathy Barrow wrote on :

    Check out the recipes and great advice at http://www.sodiumgirl.com

  4. Kathleen Silloway wrote on :

    I don’t have any per se, but if you use fresh ingredients instead of processed or even canned foods, which use a lot of sodium, you’ll be ahead of the game. Lemon juice, herbs, garlic, vinegar can all help to give piquancy and bring out flavors without adding sodium.

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