Why didn’t my lilacs bloom this year?

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  1. necoop wrote on :

    If your lilac is very bushy, try pruning out some inner branches to allow air to circulate and sunshine to reach inside growth.

  2. Kylee Baumle wrote on :

    Did you prune it late last year? The proper pruning time for lilacs is right after they’ve finished blooming. If you prune late in the season, you run the risk of pruning off the next year’s blooms, because almost all lilacs bloom on old wood. Also, is it in a location that may be in more shade than it used to be? (Trees maturing and putting it in more shade.) Lilacs need sun to bloom their best.

    • Linda Paul wrote on :

      I didn’t prune at all last year, but the shade may be a reason. Thanks!

  3. Helene Wollin wrote on :

    It’s possible that it is not that your lilacs did not bloom – it’s possible that just as the flowers were forming, you had a frost/freeze serious enough to kill the flowers before they really got out there to be seen. That has happened to us here in Upstate NY 3 years out of 5.

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