i need an almost impossible to kill, full sun bedding plant to put in my front flower bed. nothing i plant seems to thrive there. i would live something flowering…that spreads fast. have any suggestions?

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  1. atb4675 wrote on :

    I love the Periwinkles, too. There’s also the New Gold Lantana, Blue Daze, Angelonia- comes in lavendar, purple, pink, and white. These all do very well under the heat of the summer sun.

  2. Vera Brasher wrote on :

    I agree with rotubre. I love Periwinkles! They do well in almost any sunny location. They can even take a little shade. Just be sure to keep the watered and in well drained area. They survive when other plants seem to fade away in the summer heat.

  3. necoop wrote on :

    Moss rose is a fabulous plant for full sun. You could also try creeping Phlox, although it is a spring bloomer only. It likes to “creep” and fill in bare spaces–gets wider every year.

  4. rotubre wrote on :

    An excellent annual bedding plant is Periwinkle (Catharanthus rosea). They will bloom all summer and come in a variety of colors: white, pink, red and purple. All they need is a sunny dry location and will need watering during dry periods. Garden centers have them available now in flats containing individual plugs. Place the small plants about 10″ apart to allow space for them to spread. Cover around them with a thin layer of mulch and enjoy them all summer.

  5. Renee Murphy wrote on :

    Sedum Weinstephaner Gold is a perennial plant that I can’t kill. It blooms with bright yellow flowers.

  6. Helene Wollin wrote on :

    Moss rose – portulaca. Comes in a huge number of colors, stands heat, humidity and drought and spreads like fury until the frost.

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