How can I get rid of the moles/voles throughout our entire yard?

3 Answers

  1. necoop wrote on :

    This is a constant battle wherever you live and garden, or attempt to grow lawn. I’ve yet to find a “foolproof” method of dealing with the little varmints, but my dog is a wonderful deterrant/destroyer. She has learned to detect them, dig them up, and . . . well, you know.

  2. Helene Wollin wrote on :

    Heh. Apply Pie and I definitely are on opposite sides of this – get a cat and let it be an outdoor kitty. They scare away more moles and voles than they hunt down, but they do a great jobs with moles, voles, rabbits and wood chucks.

  3. Joan Ross wrote on :

    wow, I deal with moles/voles every year. They love my yard and holes all over the place. ideally hiring a guy with a machine roller to crush and level the holes is ideal. if you can’t do that, try the solar power or battery operated mole poles that emit a noise in the ground that bother moles and they go some place else and leave your yard. There is also mole pellets ( poison ) one can carefully put down their holes or mole traps. Ideally, I found the noise repels them and I place the mole poles strategically throughout my yard.

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