I was given tulips in pots for Easter. The flowers have fallen away. Can I plant the bulbs outside? When? What do I do with the foliage?

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  1. Joan Ross wrote on :

    bulbs such as tulips, hyacinths, daffodils etc. may be transplanted directly in the ground. Cut of the withered leaves down to the bulb. One may dry these bulbs out until the fall – store in a cool dry place or if desired plant directly into the ground now. I live in the North and potted bulbs alwsys come up nicely in the spring for me!

  2. Greenwoman wrote on :

    I love adding spent potted spring bulbs into my landscape.
    Go ahead and plant your tulips directly into your garden, unless there is snow on the ground or more freezing temps in your forecast. The tulip foliage will naturally fade and wither, then the bulbs will go into their summertime hibernation, and you’ll forget about them until you see their noses peaking out again next winter. Oh, and please do not cut off the leaves until they turn brown and completely collapse, or just allow them to dry and blow away on their own.
    Enjoy your garden, Pam

  3. Shelley Sparks wrote on :

    Hi Terry,
    What part of the country do you live in? If you are in the southern part, you can wait until the foliage browns and then pull the bulbs to store in a dark place until November. Then you can refrigerate them until January or February and then plant them in the ground for bloom next year.
    If you are in the Northern part of the country where we get freezing cold, you can again wait until the foliage browns and then plant them in the ground to give you tulips year after year. Lucky people in the North.

    • Lina Perl wrote on :

      Lucky me – I’m in the North! Thanks so much.

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