How do you keep your skin hydrated on an international plane trip?

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  1. Mildred Hayden wrote on :

    Drink tons of water. Avoid liquor & sodas. Eat fruit.

  2. Wendy VanHatten wrote on :

    I agree with the answers. And if you need some extra steam, ask the flight attendant for a cup of hot water. Put your face close to it and breathe in the steam. It helps moisturize and clears out any congestion you may have.

  3. Robin McGann wrote on :

    I carry a 2 oz. spray bottle filled with a mixture of rose oil and water to spritz on my face. After the spritz, I use my regular moisturizer. I usually do this about 5 times during a flight. Don’t forget to moisturize your hands, too. Drink plenty of water, too. Skip the alcoholic beverages or sodas.

  4. Travelbydesign wrote on :

    water, vitamins and moisturizer

  5. PatWalkerSF wrote on :

    I think the best way to keep your skin hydrated on an airplane is to DRINK lots of water. At least a glass for every hour you are in the air – that really helps. I usually get a massage or facial when I get to my destination. That helps get the blood flowing again.

  6. Anne Dimon wrote on :

    Flying can really dry out your skin so when I fly I carry a bottle of water with me, avoid dehydrating alcohol and use a good quality skin moisturizers often during the flight.

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