Are there any pre-arrangments that can be made to accommodate traveling with seniors who are unable to walk long distances?

2 Answers

  1. Marcia Miller wrote on :

    It largely depends on where you are traveling. But I have even arranged wheelchairs in Rome for a client. Check with your hotels to be sure they have elevators (many in Europe don’t) and ask them for recommendations.
    For excursions consider a car and driver to minimize walking.
    Will a walking stick be of help to this person? That is another thought.
    There is no reason to give up travel just because of walking challenges.
    Sadly may of us wait until we have time and money to do our traveling and by that time nature may have played nasty tricks on us by challenging our mobility. But with research and patience it can still be rewarding. Maybe we all can learn to slow down a little and smell the roses.

  2. Mary Jo Manzanares wrote on :

    For airline travel you can request an electric cart of wheel chair service to help them get from the ticket counter, through security, and on the plane. Talk to the agent at the time of booking, and reconfirm the day before departure. Also encourage them to take advantage of pre-board options so they don’t feel rushed.

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