Do you have any tips for enjoying Costa Rica?

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  1. Marcia Miller wrote on :

    Lucky you. Costa Rica offers a great deal of beauty and wonderful people. As for tips – pack insect repellant and sunscreen. Pay particular attention to the weather as there is a distinct wet and dry season with May – Nov being very wet. Enjoy the cloud forest, volcanos, beaches and the more urban, San Jose.

  2. Sheryl Kayne wrote on :

    I love trips with Hands up Holidays. Contact Chris at chris@handsupholidays.com and check out this great trip in Costa Rica:
    I’m on my way there next month. The trips are so awesome because you are volunteering and connecting with the locals in projects that benefit everyone. The best way to visit is get involved, connect, and give back. I’m reviewing Spanish lessons on tapes to refresh my Spanish speaking skills. There’s a reason why Costa Ricans were giving the title of the happiest people with their lives on earth — according to a “Happness Index” ranking 143 countries. How cool is that?
    Best, Sheryl Kayne
    author Immersion Travel USA and Volunteer Vacations Across America

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