I think kayak.com is one of the best sights when looking at airline prices but when will a travel website show us what additional expenses there are for each airline(seat prices, luggage prices)? You may think you are getting a great deal until you are half way through the reservation process!

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  1. aztrails wrote on :

    That is a good question. Supposedly there are laws in the works that will require all the airline fees to be disclosed but there is not set date for that yet. I would suggest using a travel agent to book your air tickets. Find one that issues tickets on site. You will pay them a fee for the issuing but if you were to pick up the phone and call the airline to ask those questions and have them issue your ticket, you will pay the fee to them as well. The agent can shop your flight across all airlines and see what would be most beneficial. Eveyrone automatically thinks Southwest is the low cost airline, but lately they are not always the least expensive even with baggage fees from other carriers. Consult an agent for your best deal, you wont’ be sorry.

    • Phyllis McIntyre wrote on :

      Thanks but I say the easiest way to book a flight is the airline’s website. I am not going to add another expense to my overpriced ticket.

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