Never fails, I always have a head cold when I fly and the pain in my ears is unbearable. What is the best defense for head/ear pressure while flying.

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  1. Marcia Miller wrote on :

    Ask your doctor for advice. Any advice I give would be worth exactly what you paid for it! What works for me may not be best for you.

  2. Mary Jo Manzanares wrote on :

    If you have a head cold you shouldn’t fly. It’s risky to your own health as you run the risk of rupturing an ear drum or causing other permanent damage. You also put other passengers at risk for your germs.

    Chronic sinus conditions/allergies are a bit different. You still must be careful not to cause damage to your ears – I blew an eardrum from an ear infection – but OTC or prescription remedies may help. If you have chronic ear problems, the Ear Popper (by prescription only) might help: http://www.travelingwithmj.com/2010/12/ear-problems-side-effects-of-life-in-the-sky/

  3. Patricia Shannon wrote on :

    Beyond the OTC meds and herbal supports that can minimize fluid build-up (decongestants help you drain, antihistamines decrease quanitity of drainage), there are medications that can help keep the fluid build-up down and your eustachian tubes clear and un-inflammed (which produces more fluid), see your physician! Avoid alcohol, use the steam, chew gum, swallow, etc.

  4. Jeanna Hofmeister wrote on :

    I suggest calling your doctor and asking for a prescription strength decongestant. Secondly, don’t drink alcohol (especially beer and wine) which tend to send your histamines into a frenzy! Lastly, drink lots and lots of hot steaming water with lemon. It will naturally decongest you and keep you hydrated which is an added bonus!

  5. Dralene "Red" Hughes wrote on :

    My husband has that problem (ear pressure) – he takes Sudafed before the flight to open up his sinuses (make sure you take it early enough before the flight – so it is working), then during the flight gum chewing helps or swallowing (to open up your ear passages). Check with your doctor also – he/she may have some suggestions on how to keep your ear passages open.

  6. mary keselowsky wrote on :

    Use a nasal cleanser regularly during cold season (e.g. Netipot), and try taking Sudafed before flying.

  7. Lisa C. wrote on :

    To relieve pressure while flying, you can also close your nose with finger and thumb, then blow gently but persistently through your nose. You will have to do it repeatedly, so be careful not to blow too hard.

  8. aztrails wrote on :

    I always have sinus issues when I fly. For a week before flying I avoid dairy as much as possible as it congests you. I have a sinus formula I get from a health food store and put some drops into steaming hot water with a towel over my head for a few days before flying to open the sinus cavities. Those are safe remedies that won’t interact with any other medications or treatments you may be on. As always, talk to your doctor about the best way to clear your head and ears and ask about decongestants and what impact they will have with any other meds you are taking.

  9. Kailyn Hart wrote on :

    I have the same problem. I used to take loads of chewing gum and water to keep my ears popping. My parents told me about Dramamine. Its made for motion sickness but it helps to keep my ears from popping. If they’re all out at the drug store I’d try clartin. It would clear you up and stop you cold. When you’re on the plane use the $4 earphones from walmart instead of ear plugs. They go in a little deeper into the ear plus they’re a little wider. You would be amazed at how much of a difference those little earphones make.

  10. Ellen Falkenberry wrote on :

    Take a decongestant and stay well-hydrated. Possibly also an anti-inflammatory like Aleve. Also, take a saline nasal spray along and use it regularly during the flight. Hope that helps!

  11. Wendy VanHatten wrote on :

    Some people chew gum, some swallow a lot and everyone is different. If you are really stuffy, ask for a steaming cup of water. Try to breathe in as much steam as you can and see if it relieves the stuffiness. It usually works for me.

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