We want to take a family cruise(grandparents older)with 2 teenage boys

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  1. Beverley@travel-bee.com wrote on :

    While all the cruise lines offer programs for kids of all age groups I find that the Royal Caribbean ships offer the most as far as things for teens to do while on board the ship. The ships offer rock climbing an ice skating rink, a wave rider, basketball, mini golf plus alot more! My in-laws and parents are in their mid 70’s to early 80’s and when we all cruise as a family they also love the Royal Caribbean ships. If you would like more information and assistance with choosing the right destination and ship for you and your family please feel free to contact me. Toll free (855) TRAVL-BEE

  2. lucy@whereonearthtravel.com wrote on :

    Alaska! Enough for the teenagers to do, great wildlife, wonderful scenery, and terrific excursions. Look into Holland America or Princess lines-they offer so many exciting opportunities for teens. June is the best month weather wise-the least rain.

  3. Alexis Marnel wrote on :

    The new Nickolodeon and Disney cruises are your best bets. check out their websites and they have a variety of things to choose from….

  4. Patricia Shannon wrote on :

    I would find several cruises that you like, and then ask them to weigh in. The “family” oriented cruises are really geared to young families, and teenagers are a whole different thing. If you are planning an “at sea” cruise then the activities on board should interest them. If a every day a different destination, then the destinations and shore activities should be ones THEY want to do!

  5. Lisa C. wrote on :

    I can highly, highly recommend Lindblad cruises, now affiliated with National Geographic. My parents took me, my then-husband, and our two children, then 14 and 11, on an 11-day cruise to Costa Rica and Panama. It was amazing, incredible sights of nature, sun, swimming, plus a trip through the Panama Canal and its astonishing engineering sights. We talk about it to this day.

    Lindblad runs small group cruises on small, but VERY nice ships. During the day you take excursions, often in rubber boats with motors, often to land, usually to beaches. Dinners are on board, at table, with nice service and drinks for all. Naturalists accompany you, and give lectures at the end of the day. Many families do the same, so all generations find suitable company.

    Lindblad travels to many corners of the world, Mexico, Alaska, and up some of Europe’s rivers. Wonderfully run. And, best of all, sometimes they have “Grandchildren come free” specials:).

    You can find them here. http://www.expeditions.com/. I have no association with the company, other than happy memories.

  6. Dralene "Red" Hughes wrote on :

    Disney Cruise line – safe, tons of things to do for all ages and everyone can do their own thing – without worrying about each other. The Disney Cruise line has expanded it’s ports of call and there are several options now. Plus their private island is beautiful and has a children’s, teens, families and adults only areas. Highly recommend for a group with a wide-range of ages.

  7. aztrails wrote on :

    Hi Mustang, depending where you are located, and where you want to sail, that will determine the ship and the cruise line. If you are open to suggestions, I would offer maybe the new Royal Caribbean Allure of the Seas. We just came off that ship and it is great for families. NCL and Princess also have good programs for kids for teens and offer comfortable ships for the grandparents. Let me know what time frame you are thinking of and which coast will fly from and I’ll send you more options.

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