Which Hawaiian island would you suggest to visit if we can only choose one?

0 Answers

  1. Sheryl Kayne wrote on :

    I lived on Maui for six months, in Kihei, next door to gorgeous Wailea, and felt it was heaven on earth. My second fave island is Kuaui — be sure to visit Puff the Magic Dragon and enjoy the most gorgeous sunsets on earth — Best, Sheryl Kayne
    author Immersion Travel USA and Volunteer Vacations Across America

  2. Yvonne Yoerger wrote on :

    My favorite is Kauai, but it depends what you want to do. The big isle of Hawaii and Oahu both offer more variety because of size and popularity. But if you don’t want tourist crowds, off the beaten path is better.

  3. Travelbydesign wrote on :

    People like different things about the Islands. Some offer mountain experiences some offer city experiences and some are beach related experiences. I would read about them and then decide.

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