I fly frequently between Tampa and Seattle. What’d be a good travel outfit for comfort on these long flights that doesn’t look just “practical”, but is, or “comfortable”, but is? I want to arrive looking FOF, not exhausted granny!

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  1. Robin Sinkhorn wrote on :

    I travel a lot, and my favorite outfit is a black Zenergy pants and jacket from Chicos. I wear a tee or tank underneath and can remove the jacket if it gets too warm. The fabric is wonderful and it never wrinkles. The outfit is classy but VERY comfortable, and packs well for the return trip home!

  2. Mary Montgomery wrote on :

    The most comfortable travel outfit that always looks good coming or going is a pair of stretch denim jeans in any color. Paired with a short sleeve top and a funckypleated or colorful jacket works. I ALWAYS carry a cute little knit cap my shades and a scarf that I can pull on or off in case I catch a chill or get over heated. I used to travel quite a bit, much more stationary these days. But pants and shoes that are comfortable and look crips and not junky are the ticket. You’re accessories are what make the difference. I used to have a really fabulous tan jersey knit jumpsuit that I loved to wear on trips. It always lloked great and never got wrinkled. It went with everything and was easy to clean. I’ll have to search one out…I feel a few trips coming on soon.

  3. Lori Ann Robinson wrote on :

    Yes, that is a long flight. I like to suggest to my clients easy knit pieces when they travel so they will not arrive wrinkled. A draped cardigan, shell or t-shirt and a chic knit pant. I always look for items that can washed out in your hotel sink in case someone spills on me! Keep your colors on the darker side since planes can be so dirty. Add a bright scarf to liven up your outfit. Look at the brands: Misook, Chico’s, and Max studio knitwear. Add a pretty ballet flat or loafer and you will be FOF!

  4. Susan Hersh wrote on :

    I have done a lot of traveling during my career in the garment industry & have traveled to Seattle many times. I am always cold on any flight, therefore on a 6 hr. flight pants is my only option. Jeans (no holes & darker wash) are so easy because they always look good, fresh & ready to go. Pair w/ a L/S sweater or t-shirt & some type of fashionable jacket like leather or cotton military jacket & I feel well dressed getting off the plane.

    If jeans are not your comfort, then a legging option w/ Lyrca is very comfortable w/ tunic top or option longer than you buttocks. Flat shoe, boot or sandal depending upon the season is easy to take off & put back on after the x-ray machine. Laces are a pain.

    Happy travels.

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  5. mzloveyd1 wrote on :

    I love to travel in Jersey fabrics… I actually have a standard uniform.. Of course it is black.. It is a long sleeve black jersey tee and black jersey elastic banded pants… I can layer it with a cardigan if chilly and I always travel with my trusty Louis vuitton shawl…. I is great for keeping cozy on the plane as well as looking chic running thru the airports like Amilia it aso comes in handy if there is unexpected rain.. I throw it across my head and around and it looks great and kees my hair from frizzing out.
    The shawl is worth its weight in gold and is silk and cotton so can be worn for all seasons. My travel outfit is by Peter Cohen out of LA ..Pant is great comes in Narrow leg and wide and a variety of core colors. Throw on my ballerina slippers and BON VOYAGE!!!!!! Please no more JUICY soccer mom outfits……….

  6. Sherrie Mathieson wrote on :

    Nike has the best simple, washable, black straight (slightly faired) “workout” slacks. I like to pair them with a white Lacoste or white RL polo and an olive or beige nylon anorak or black Nike (or Prada) nylon zippered athletic top over the polo. Wear neutral colored Pumas on your feet or something similarly stylish/athletic (Prada, Colehaan etc). The key is that these are all ageless pieces–easily cared for–easily mixed (neutral palette)–and super comfortable. Don’t forget to invest in a great, roomy travel bag (I love the Goyard totes!).
    Sherrie (www.sherriemathieson.com)

  7. Susan Grant wrote on :

    Personally, I have a travel “uniform” of a skirt, comfortable top and shawl (more comfortable than sitting in a jacket) and easily removable boots or shoes. A skirt is every bit as comfortable as sloppy sweatpants and more so than binding jeans and when using the restroom, you merely hike the skirt up, instead of worrying about pants touching the floor.

  8. shari nicsevic wrote on :

    How about leggings and a tunic top? Ideally, a tunic long enough to hit mid-thigh. This would be cool enough for Tampa weather and you can add a long sweater after the flight when you arrive in Seattle. Tunics speak classic fashion to me!

    • Robin Roth wrote on :

      I’m seeing this thread two months after the question was posted — but must give thumbs up to your reply, Shari. That’s what I wore last year flying to & from Israel, and even my fashion-critical daughter who was one of my traveling companions approved of the simple, comfortable yet chic layered outfit. I’ve repeated it ever since on planes and in cars.

  9. Marsha Harris wrote on :

    My absolute favorite for travel, because I always want to look glamourous, is a beautiful black stretch knit jersey outfit. Never wrinkled, always perfect. And, you can handwash or delicate machine and hang to dry. Try Coldwater Creek.
    Hope this helps.

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