We love to travel to Europe and visit places I have seen in films or read about. My dilemma is that we have a 15 year old daughter (an only child) that now finds these trips boring. Bringing along a friend becomes financially undoable. Any suggestions on how to make this work??

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  1. Marcia Miller wrote on :

    Three tips for you
    1-Prepare prepare prepare. Watch movies, eat in restaurants featuring the cusine of the local area, attend performances of local artists. It will really enrich the actual trip.
    2-Let her have a hand in choosing what you are going to do each day. Any place you go has things to interest adults and young people. You don’t have to do all kid things or all adult things.
    3- Leave her home with grandma.

  2. lucy@whereonearthtravel.com wrote on :

    Why not take her to Rome! You can show her Gladiator with Russell Crowe or the Rome series that was on TV last year. Rome is terrific for teenagers because there is so much street life-they don’t get bored seeing only museums or monuments. Take her to Piazza Navona to check out the street artists and performers, and to shop along the Via Condotti. Late night ice cream at Giolotti is always a treat-and then maybe walk (twenty minutes or so) over to the Trevi Fountain. There is enough shopping, street life, and people watching to keep your average teenager busy. Who knows-she might even learn something!

    • cr@christinanoelle.com wrote on :

      You’re right about Rome – it is a great place for teens. Unfortunately for us she has been there a number of times. This year is Sweden, Germany, The Netherlands, Belgium, France and the U.K.

  3. Mildred Hayden wrote on :

    What is your daughter interested in? What are her favorite books? her favorite movies? See if you can’t find a way to tie the trip in to her interests as well as yours. Is she a Twilight fan, take her to Lichtienstien or to see the heart of Transylvania. Is Harry Potter her thing, go to London & Bath to pick where you might find Harryy or Hogsmede or Hogwarts.

  4. Travelbydesign wrote on :

    I am sorry but I really do not understand your question. How to make what work exactly?

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