My makeup does not stay in place during the day. Any suggestions?

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  1. Edith Edith wrote on :

    Hi Karen: Try Avon makeup. They have a line for all kinds of skin. After applying your makeup, try putting on a dusting of powder – this helps fix your makeup. I apply my makeup in the morning and fix it with a light dusting of powder and it stays with me until I cleanse it off before going to bed. If you do not have an Avon representative in your area, you can view our brochure, place an order, pay with credit card and have it shipped directly to you. Check out my web-site at http://www.youravon.com/ekitzweger. If you have any questions, contact me thru my web site. Good luck. Edith

  2. Susan Hersh wrote on :

    Hi Karen,
    I assume you mean your foundation does not stay in place during the day? If you are using a foundation that is oil based you may want to switch to an oil-free foundation which you can find at Clinique, Bobbi Brown or Laura Mercier to name a few. The oil from you pores mixes w/ the foundation oil & separates on the skin.

    If you have a crème based foundation (a lot of women over fifty do), it is mandatory that you set your foundation w/ loose face powder and it should be applied using a powder brush #70 that is big & fluffy. Although crème foundations do not have oil, when it mixes w/ your natural face oil it will also separate.
    Professional makeup artists in the industry favor the following:
    Shu Uemura Colorless face powder matte w/ long lasting effects. http://www.shuuemura-usa.com/_us/_en/makeup/powder/powder-matte.htm
    Make Up For Ever HD powder- Sold in one universal shade & sets the foundation. It is talc-free & is a non-drying formula. It can be worn alone or applied over foundation. http://www.makeupforever.com/products/hd-powder.html
    Robert Jones Powder #70 brush http://www.robertjonesbeauty.com/rjb_brushes.htm
    To view beauty videos and interviews with professionals please visit:

    http://www.susanhersh.com or http://www.youtube.com/user/MeetTheExperts


  3. Loraine Alcorn wrote on :

    I see you have gotten some great suggestions . Have you tried a good foundation primer ? I would try a nice primer maybe designed for oil prone skin and apply it after your toner than make sure the primer is fully dried before applying the foundation . A lot of people have problems with primer because they do not give it time to dry first . A good primer will put a barrier between your oil prone skin and the foundation so it stays put . hope this helps you Thanks for asking your question

  4. Maria Comfort wrote on :

    If you use the Extra Virgin Olive Oil after cleansing your skin, your body will feel the presence of the oil, and will not produce more, thus normalizing your skin. This should aid in balancing your oily skin problem.

  5. Maria Comfort wrote on :

    Hi Karen.
    It’s very possible that you are using a moisturizer that is too oily, or a makeup that is too oily. After you apply your moisturizer, wait about 30 seconds, then take a tisse and blot your skin. See if you have extra oil on the tissue. If you do, that is your problem.
    Also, if you are in an environment that causes you to perspire, you are possibly losing your makeup that way.
    And, of course, you might try blotting your makeup base 30 seconds after you apply it, and see if it is your culprit.
    If you find that you need to change products, I would like to suggest one of the following solutions:
    There are two makeups I like that defy motion during the day. One is the Dinair Airbrush System makeup. The makeup pixilates and allows your skin to breathe. The Dinair is applied over clean skin. You can spray moisturizer on after you apply the makeup.
    The other is any good mineral makeup. I like Stript, which is a vegan mineral makeup and paraben free.
    And finally, I always suggest after cleansing your skin that you apply Extra Virgin Olive Oil. A very small amount (1/2 tsp) will cover your face, neck, and decollate. The cell size of the Extra Virgin Olive Oil is smaller than your blood cell, so it penetrates deep into the skin. It also has every antioxidant the body requires, in direct proportion. This will keep you skin moist, but not greasy, and makeup is easily applied over the top of it without a hitch. The makeup does not move around.
    Good luck with your endeavor. I do hope you find a solution.

    • KAREN COGBURN wrote on :

      Thanks for the great advice. Will try your recommendations.

  6. KAREN COGBURN wrote on :

    No. My face is too oily to use moisturizer.

  7. darlene kampschaefer wrote on :

    are you using a day moisturizer under your make-up

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