Where’s the best place to find recipes on line?

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  1. nidradeb wrote on :

    Well, I think you’ve got the right compendium of online resources already mentioned! I’ll second the last post for Smitten Kitchen – I’m a big fan of Deb’s creations and adaptions. One huge hit at Passover was her recipe for chocolate caramel crackers – so easy and soooooo divine! enjoy!

  2. Laura Abshier wrote on :

    Chowhound,Smittenkitten,Browneyed Baker are just a few of my favorites. And if you like slowcooking “A year of Crockpotting” is good.

  3. gonesilver wrote on :

    I use http://www.allrecipes.com constantly!! I love that they are reviewed by ordinary women who cook every day 🙂

  4. norma.byrd.45437 wrote on :

    I signed on to Better Homes & Gardens Recipe site and receive daily e-mails from them as well as affiliated sites including some diabetic ones, that have dozens of organized recipes. I’ve used many of them and find them a great simple source for good eating. Plus you can enter a daily giveaway of kitchen items. You have the ability to pick your favorites and save them in the recipe file provided.

  5. seattlekath wrote on :

    I love epicurious.com, simplyrecipes.com, and smittenkitchen.com. I find that the comments about recipes are very useful.

  6. Robynn wrote on :

    I am a lover of Ina Gartner, aka The Barefoot Contessa. Her recipes are delicious, easy to follow and the ingredients can be found without a field trip. Many of her recipes can be found on The Food Network site, but you can also Google something specific with her name and it might pop up.

  7. Joan Ross wrote on :

    I enjoy: allrecipes.com,grouprecipes.com.foodbuzz.com,recipeLion.com,recipelink.com,
    When you do a Google search for a recipe you will be amazed at how many sites there are. Often the less know sites are just as terrific as the major ones. So if you like to cook and enjoy a variety, explore the various sites!

  8. Julianne Zausmer wrote on :

    You can look on Foodnetwork.com. Sometimes when I’m looking for a specific recipe, I’ll just google it. Pillsbury.com has nice recipes too.

  9. shellie robin wrote on :


  10. Merry Richon wrote on :

    I also love many of the sites mentioned in all of the responses. One I didn’t see listed is http://www.eatingwell.com. Both the magazine and the web site have some excellent recipes.

  11. Terry Perl wrote on :

    I go to epicurious.com for an overall look at recipes and comments on them. I also go to Mark Bittman on the New York Times website for basic good cooking.

  12. Victoria Salti Wilson wrote on :

    My number one source for recipes is Spark Recipes. Chef Megan creates incredible recipes and meal plans.

  13. Cathy Barrow wrote on :

    There are so many useful recipe sites, but I head over to http://www.food52.com whenever I want a recipe that will work. The recipes are curated from home cooks and tested by the members. There are great weekly recipe contests, too. You’ll find many of my recipes there (search for MrsWheelbarrow.) Also, I publish recipes on my blog all the time – http://www.mrswheelbarrow.com Happy cooking!

  14. Chef Karen wrote on :

    My go-to places are: http://www.epicurious.com and http://www.saveur.com. After those if I still haven’t found what I am looking for, I try http://www.foodtv.com (the Food Network site) or http://www.cookillustrated.com. At Cook’s there is a paid subscription, plus a free e-newsletter.

  15. Erika Bradley wrote on :

    Without a doubt, the best recipes I’ve found are on Saveur.com. Just enter the main ingredient into the search engine or a specific recipe name and prepare yourself for all the compliments your guests will bestow on you!!

  16. Bekki Wilkins wrote on :

    http://www.allrecipes.com This web site has anything and everything you could ever need to cook.

  17. Sara Wald wrote on :

    I love http://www.allrecipes.com for user-generated recipes. I put in what I’m craving (i.e. mashed potatoes) then sort by “rating.” I use recipes with the highest rating so I know it’s going to be good!

    I also like the blogs: Pioneer Woman Cooks, Serious Eats and Smitten Kitchen for more refined recipes.

    From Food Network’s site I love the Barefoot Contessa (Ina Garten) and Jamie Oliver’s recipes. Never been disappointed…

    Hope this helps!

  18. Suzy wrote on :

    http://www.epicurious.com — since Gourmet magazine is no longer in existence :(( they’ve got all the recipes archived there (as well as from other books and magazines) and they are easy to find! There’s even an iPhone ap for it.

  19. n s wrote on :

    the best is Cooks Illustrated Online, however, there is a yearly subscription fee- in my opinion is is well worth it. I’ve never, ever, encountered a bad recipe. The membership also includes their product reviews and food science articles. Cooks Illustrated is the same company that produces America’s Test Kitchen and Cooks Country. They test out recipes a million times before publishing them, so their recipe quality control is THE BEST.


    Also, another excellent website/blog for recipes and food is Serious Eats. This website was started by some of the people from Cooks Illustrated.


  20. Kathleen Silloway wrote on :

    I like epicurious.com too. It draws from a number of sources, the reviews are good, and results predictable. For baking, I like the King Arthur Flour website, and for slow cooking, http://crockpot365.blogspot.com/ is good–she used her crockpot for 365 days and is very creative! I believe it has gluten-free recipes, too.

  21. Cheryl Wait wrote on :

    I have several go to spots, but the ones I use most are tasteofhome.com, allrecipes.com and cooksillustrated.com. Enjoy them!

  22. Lina Perl wrote on :

    I generally depend on epicurious.com–I’ve had good luck with their recipes–each one has tons of detailed ratings from other users. Although lately, I’ve been using the “How to Cook Everything” app on my ipad (also available for iphone). It is AMAZING–a great collection of recipes organized in a smart way.

    • Lonna Kahn wrote on :

      FoodNetwork.com has a wonderful collection of recipes.

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