My gggrandfather was born in NC according to census records while living in KY, but we don’t know where or when he was born other than the year, or who his parents were. Any suggestions for NC sources or places to research this?

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  1. cafamily wrote on :

    As FamilySearch.org increases its database of records, I have been having success finding excellent records for North Carolina there when I had not found them elsewhere. I would check there, and check also for names of any descendants. The more records you get (sometimes parents are listed) the more information you have to go with.

  2. jwagn wrote on :

    On the census you have to go foward and back to see where he shows. He may just be working in KY and does come from NC. Do you have a place of death, cemetery or death certificate. Military Records might help if he shows there. He might have served in the Civil War. When a relative strikes out on their own like this, they may be with relatives but you don’t know that until you reseach the other relavites. Remember girls marry and have new names.

  3. clcrss wrote on :

    Check to see if he is listed with the same birthstate in each census. Also check to see what birthplace is listed for his parents and siblings. The enumerator may have made an error. If he had a social security number, order his SS-5 and get the information he himself gave to sign up. Here is a website with more info about ordering an SS-5: http://www.researchguides.net/ss-5.htm

  4. dianelr wrote on :

    I am a professional genealogist in NC … before looking at NC records you must exhaust KY records. NC does not have vital records until 1868 for marriages and after 1900 for births and deaths. You need to exhaust KY records to see if you can find “when” he arrived there, who he associated with (extended family, neighbors also “born nc” etc). If you have access to a family history center, rent microfilm for the county where you found himi in 1850 and look for pre-1850 records — land, tax, wills, etc. You have to do this as NC records for the period are oranized by county with very very few state-wide records. Given how many NC counties, you don’t want to go fishing in NC records until you have learned what you can (or not) in KY records (or anyplace else he might have lived before ending up in KY — possibly he went through TN!?! first)

    Once you have exhausted KY records — hopefully find a clue, then the records at the NC archives can be consulted — fortunately, the early records for all counties are in one place — a great place to do research!

    Hope this helps! Good luck! “Born in NC” besides ex-slave research is some of the hardest research I do for clients!

    Diane 🙂

  5. redpak wrote on :

    check NC state archives

  6. nanjones wrote on :

    You need to check the vital records of NC if he was born in the early part of the 1900’s when they started recording them though given the number of greats not likely. The Spanlger Room in the Charlotte Public Library is excellent. Do you know what church? Church records are excellent and recorded most baptisms even if the minster was a circuit rider style. If he was born after 1850, the census will list all the family members. Before that it gets harder to research. Marriage records often listed place of birth. Good luck

  7. dhooper wrote on :

    It depends on what year he was born and which census record you have seen. If you can’t find him in the NC index mentioned below, I can give you some tips. Depending upon the year he was supposedly born, you can search the next census records and look for families in NC with that surname (hopefully an uncommon one) that have a male in that age group. Sometimes you will get lucky that way. Of course, he could always have lived with a family other than his parents (orphaned, apprenticed, etc.).

    I’d be happy to help you if you can’t find anything.

    At the very worse, you can always find a genealogist who specializes in the NC area by visiting the Association of Professional Genealogists website at http://www.apgen.org. You can search on a geographic specialty.

  8. Melin_Swango711 wrote on :

    You have much work to do. If this census is the 1850 census and he does not appear as head of household on the 1840 census in the same state or county, you must stat looking at his neighbors and associates. Print out the page before he appears and the page after. Where were these people from? Investigate his Friends, Associates and Family (FAN Club). Usually families travelled together or with friends and associates. This way you can perhaps backtrack these names to a NC county and start there. The NC Archives will give you much.

  9. relativelycurious wrote on :

    Ancestry.com has a North Carolina birth records index from 1800-2000. And there are some great links on Joe Beine’s compendium of internet sources – http://www.deathindexes.com/northcarolina/index.html. I have several NC internet sites on my free genealogy toolbar (http://relativelycurious.ourtoolbar.com) (free, no ads, nothing but genealogy websites)

    • iam4uk53 wrote on :

      Yes, I am a member of ancestry.com and haven’t been able to find anything on birth place, date or parents. There is some speculation but no proof.

  10. Fethers wrote on :

    Which census year does in appear living in KY? How old was it at the time of the census. Depending on the time period in which he lived will tell you where to look. Perhaps you will find him in a will, land record, tax record or voter record. Fethers

    • iam4uk53 wrote on :

      He was listed as 19 years old in the 1850 census and living in the household of a non-family member.

  11. Sherry Genealogist wrote on :

    I would start with the records at the NC State Archives in Raleigh.

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