I was visiting with some younger women recently and they began talking about women that had breast implants. One women comment “They look really good in a t-shirt but they aren’t much fun to hug.” It seems the implants were hard as a rock. It that normal?

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  1. ginagina2498 wrote on :

    I have saline implants and yes they are harder than a natural breast. Having said that I have never had any complaints from men and I love them so will take the disadvantage of being a little harder. P.S. I hear the silicone are much softer.

  2. Marla5115 wrote on :

    She might have had a capsule form around the implants which would make that area feel hard. Also, silicone implants are much softer than the saline ones.

  3. Cheryl Wilson wrote on :

    I think you need comments by the men here. To a one, the men I know love looking at them but don’t like how they feel.

  4. madwomanabroad wrote on :

    It is less normal than it used to be. In the old days (about 30 years ago) most breast implants looked un-natural, like alien round balls because they were encapsulated – that is when the scar tissue contracts around the implant and makes it feel hard. The implants are much better now, and the techniques improved so this happens much less often now. If they are placed under the muscle, or partially under the muscle, usually you can not feel them at all and they are vey soft. The secret is to go for a small implant and not think bigger is better. Its not, and especially when you are older! Small, well-shaped and natural is better. Silicone is better because it is warm, like your body. Saline is cold to the touch. And of course, the surgeon is key.

  5. Corinne Garrett wrote on :

    Not “normal” but not uncommon to have them calcify with a membrane around the implant(s). My husband has no complaints about mine, but you can feel the implants, which is to be expected. I have had no problems and my surgery was done in the late 70’s – but I only went to a “C” cup size to compensate for sagging post-pregnancy.

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