I keep reading how you shouldn’t use mascara on bottom lashes. My bottom lashes are so pale that they look nonexistant with out mascara on them and I feel like my eyes look only 1/2 way done. Are there any suggestions for something to use to make my look seem finished?

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  1. JunieB wrote on :

    I keep hearing this & I don’t know who said it first but it’s not true !! Your eyes look bigger , brighter & better with mascara on lower lashes! Go ahead & use it! Also use a lash conditioner / primer on them too as this will make them look fuller & stop your lashes from breaking. Just make sure you do ‘not’ let the primer dry before applying mascara!

  2. Maria Comfort wrote on :

    There are some wonderful mascaras out there that do not injure your own lashes. Loreal has come out with one that comes right off with a washcloth. Another is Kiss Me Mascara. It has the same properties, and works very well.
    After all, you need to show your best features, and the eyes are most important!

  3. Susan Hersh wrote on :

    I am not sure where you are reading that you should not use mascara on bottom lashes? It’s a personal decision for all, as I choose not to use mascara on my bottom lashes to avoid smudge marks under my eyes during the day but will always use for specific occasions.

    If you want to define your eyes, you can use a kohl pencil from the outside corner and draw a line right under the lash line emphasizing the corner area or for a more dramatic look to the center of the eye. Use a sponge to soften the kohl line under the lashes. The second option is to use the same eye shadow on you lid & continue under the lash line starting at the outside corner working towards the center of the eye. Blend shadow w/ sponge to soften. Both of these options can add a finished look.

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  4. freda witt wrote on :

    I think “rules” are just suggestions. go with what looks good on you. But sometimes we do things that we think look good but really doesn’t, and go with trends that age us. Ask a friend that you really trust how it looks on you.

  5. Kari Solyntjes wrote on :

    Personally I never go without mascara on my bottom lashes. I do a very light coating of mascara, not the full-blown application that I use on my top lashes. I think it’s more important to do a more defined liner on the upper lash to open up your eyes and if you use a liner on the lower lash line, use a soft mid-shade powder rather than a harsh solid line for liner.

  6. traceybrown wrote on :

    The problem with “rules” of advice, is that they are made to be broken. While as a rule, most of us should not use mascara on our lower lashes because they emphasize all the evil we are trying to hide—bags, circles, lines etc—if your lashes are extremely pale and you feel like you need some oomph down there, then try this:
    Use a lower lash mascara in a black brown (not as harsh as black). This will give you some definition along your lower lash line without being too overt. Lower lash mascara has a smaller wand to reduce the chance of smudges and clumps on your fine lower lashes.
    Tarte (at Sephora) and Clinique both make this mascara.

    Note: before you indulge in a price mascara — I would buy a cheapie like Wet n Wild and try it out. Apply it to one eye only. Compare sides by covering one one eye/side of your face. Check to see which side looks brighter and more lifted. If you notice that the side with the mascara on the lower lashes brings your face down, you may want to skip it!

    I hope that helps!

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