For years, I worked a demanding job with long hours and got into a bad habit of eating fast food and not exercising. Now I’m not working any more and that’s all I crave, and I have time to exercise but can’t seem to get motivated to do that either. Any suggestions for breaking out of this rut?

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  1. n s wrote on :

    You may want to try some substitutions. Which food in particular are you craving most? An example would be passing on potato salad and make some home-made slaw instead. If you like chicken fingers you can make home-made bakes ones using grape-nuts instead of a bread crumb coating, that will come out nice and crunchy without being fried…

  2. rosie battista wrote on :

    Getting out of your rut may be as “simple” as making the DECISION to do it. I offer some secrets to building a healthy, sexy body and a lot of it is through getting your head in the game. You can get your free copy of this report on http://www.sleepingnakedafter40.com
    Let me know how you make out.

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